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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tristans 1/2 year B-day!!

Yep my baby boy is 6 months old!! 6 Months old I said!!! Can you believe it?? I can't that's for sure! He went from this little bundle to this big Boy!

I feel like it was just yesterday that I was waiting to get the heck of the hospital and bring my little baby home, and here we are, home and six months later.

Tristan is not so little anymore!! He weighed in at a whopping 23 lbs 13 oz and 28 1/4 in long!! He is the size of a 1 year old.. Tristan has always been more advanced for his age, and once again the pedia said he is at the age of a 9 monther. He will be ready to crawl very shortly if he would only allow himself on his belly long enough to do so. But, when put his belly he hates it and will roll back over to his back or fuss and whine until Mommy the super hero comes to save him and sits him up instead. He has started back on solids with Rice cereal mixed with apples or bananas in the morning and we have tried squash, this is his 2nd day on squash. So far so good. He actually really likes it.. I also have the cool little mesh pacifier things that when you put food in them like(apples, banana, pears, strawberries etc) He can chew on the fruit or food and suck on it with out choking! Great invention if I say so myself. He likes everything I have given him so far which is frozen bananas and apples. I also got bitter biscuits and he REALLY enjoyed those and boy oh boy are those things MESSY!!! But Hey no one said boys are meant to stay clean..

Tristan is also very vocal and will scream (literally) in delight or to get our attention, or to tell us he is MAD!!!! He laughs out loud and loves to smile. He is a big flirt and loves people!

Tristan will start day care on Monday, he's going to go 3 days a week for about a month and then go full time. I'm sad, happy and anxious to see how he does. I'm sad because I no longer will be able to be with him all day but I know it will be good for him in the long run. I was basically waiting for this last check up since he got his last set of shots for awhile along with his 1st 1/2 of a flu shot. Lets just say Tristan was not a happy camper.. 4 shots and blood drawn to check his iron levels since I have anemia and passed it on to him in utero so she wanted to check him again. I thought they were going to take his blood at the foot again. OH NO!! they took it just like an adult, in the arm - Poor thing. I have never EVER seen Tristan cry the way he did, when she stuck him. I even got upset and started tearing up but I stayed strong and held back my tears. :`(

Other than that - he is doing great, getting big and keeping John and I on are feet and entertained for sure. Who needs T.V. when you have a little boy who does all the entertaining?? (lol) He is sleeping completely through the night from 8-8:30 at night all the way to about 7 -7:30 in the morning!! I couldn't be happier about this!! He also gets 2 really good naps during the day. So he is right on track and doing wonderfully - I couldn't of asked for a better baby than Tristan! (knocks on wood, so I don't jinx myself)

....and as I was writing this T was playing and I stopped of course and began to play with him, well he opened his mouth and to my surprise Tristan has a nice little pearly white sneaking out on the bottom!! ::sniff sniff: what happened to my little itty bitty baby?!? He's just growing so fast.. I will try my hardest to get a picture - but I highly doubt he will sit still long enough for me to even attempt to.. but here are some recent pictures I took on Friday- while at the park. I need to get his 6 month pose taken that I do every month - I will do that tomorrow. I also will be taking him sometime in the next week to get his 6 month pictures done!!

So thats my baby boy.. He is getting so big and I am truly loving every minute of it! :0)

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