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Monday, January 12, 2009

1 st Day of Daycare and 6 Month Pics

Okay first of all - Here is Tristan's 6 month pics I'm 3 days late posting.. :(

Yep my big boy is huge.. :0) So besides that today was Tristan's 1st day of daycare. Mentally I thought I was prepared for this day to come. I never once thought I would be that Mom who cries when you leave your kid with someone other than your family and call it daycare!

Well, i did just that.. I cried like a little baby the entire way to work and then some when I went into work and saw his toys sitting there.

I got a late start this morning- Kinda took my time actually- Getting ready, getting him ready, pretty much taking as much time as I could not to leave.. When I pulled up to the house I could feel the tears well up but, I held them back. The entire time I was talking to Kathy (daycare lady) I was holding back my tears. You know that lump in your throat you get just before you start balling? Well that was me. I explained everything she needed to know and then kissed T goodbye and out the door I went, put my sunglasses on immediately and the tears started falling I couldn't even make it to my truck!! (pathetic I know).. I kept saying to myself, Jenni come on, its not that big of a deal, its good for him, quite it!! But i couldn't - I felt horrible leaving him, I felt like I needed to be with him and basically no one can take care of him the way I do and the fact that I'm gonna miss everything now, really got me crying.

So basically.. My first day of daycare sucked.. As for Tristan, he did awesome. I called to check up on him and he was doing fine. No crying, no fussing nada.. Playing with the other little ones like a champ and enjoying himself.. I couldn't wait for 3:30 to come along to get the heck out of work and head for Tristan.. I got there and walked out back and he was swinging with Kathy and was as content as could be. He was excited to see my face though and that made me feel so good!!

I take him again tomorrow and on Friday. My Sister will be watching him on Wednesday for me - I have to go and do some wedding related things. Thursday I will have him all to myself!! :0)

So that was "our" first day of daycare. I sure do hope this gets easier.

i miss his little face during the day.

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