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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pics of T- Sick..

I took this Pic Saturday Morning right before the sunrise. Pretty cool!! :0)

;( I feel so bad for my T.. I wish I could take his sickness!! I miss my happy, go lucky baby. although he is still the Happy baby during the day and my little fighter, but as soon as night time comes. OH man. Its like this black cloud comes over our house and he starts crying uncontrollably and is inconsolable. I feel so bad. Last night he was just crying and crying and crying and I finally ended up breaking down and crying as well. I just didn't know what to do. I'm his Mom and I should know what to do!! John came and helped me and then calmed him down and asked me why I was crying and he just laughed and gave me a hug!!

I took him to the pediatrician on Monday and she checked him out - listened to his chest- checked his ears etc. and said his ears looked alright they were alittle red, and his chest sounded pretty bad.. The word RSV came out her lips and i just stopped and said WHAT!!
She said it sounds like it from his wheezing and the build up but in order to find out for sure we would have to give him a test but its pretty evasive.. I said no thank you. If it "doesn't" need to be done then lets not do that- he's already not feeling good, lets not push it.. So I was sent home with a breathing machine and medication for his chest congestion.

It seems that the treatments seem to be working and breaking up the shit that's in his chest. He takes his triaminic every 5-6 hours and I gave him Tylenol last night to get him to calm down and rest- i knew his ears were bothering him and his temp was slightly high.. Tylenol knocked him out! I slept out on the couch with him. Well, he slept I did not.. Anyway - Here's some pics of my cutie getting treatments and then today while laying on the couch he was falling asleep and cracking John and I up!! I just want me T back to be healthy and happy!!

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