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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not even 2 weeks..

Not even 2 weeks since T has been going to Daycare and he's SICK!!! I knew it was going to happen but geez 2 weeks!! UGH!! 6 1/2 months- never been sick.. The occasional teething with the runny nose and fussiness no biggie!! Well, today is the day that he is officially 100% sick. I hope he makes a quick and fast comeback. I don't like seeing T like that. Right now is the time that I wished I could be a stay at home Mom.
Recently, Tristan has learned how to fake cough, and John and I get a kick out if it and laugh at him. He thinks its funny too. Well, not so funny this morning when his coughs were real coughs with that phlegmy sound. As soon as I heard that - I knew we were in for a long day and a VERY long night.. His body is definitely trying to fight this sucker, He's been sweating like crazy and I've been keeping fluids in him and he's been doing good in that department.
I did call the pediatrician this morning, being a first time Mom, I wasn't sure what I could give him because I heard that cough medicine etc. was banned to give to infants. Well come to find out you can give your infant cough medicine but don't O.D. him on it. Follow the directions!!
So he's been on Triaminic, every 4-6 hours. I tried to go for the 6 hour marks but as the day went on it went to the 5 hour and then to the 4 1/2 hour mark. He's been slowly getting worse, and I'm sure this is normal. As they say, it always gets worse before it gets better. Right now he is sleeping and I had John prop his mattress up with a rolled towel so he isn't flat on his back. I noticed when he took his naps- laying flat caused him to cough and cough and make him wake up. Which was fine, it just meant I got to snuggle with him more.. :) So I hope by being elevated some will help.
I have a patch thermometer on him right now so I can check his temp through out the night with out waking him. I want to try and stay away from the E.R./Urgent care as much as possible - because being at home where it's controlled who comes and who goes. It is not at the hospital and its full of germs and more sick kids.. So... I'm hoping, a lot of lovin, snugglin and medicine will kick this cough/cold in the butt and we can skip the whole hospital thing.. :) I will say I'm kinda on edge- Right now is RSV season. RSV is not good and I do not want my little boy in the hospital at such a young age.. I'm sure he will be fine. I guess its just the parnioa coming out..
that's my Saturday for ya.!! :0) Wish T some luck!! i will post pics later.. (Yep I took pics of my baby being sick) - but for now I need to get some rest - as I know it is going to be a long night..

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Stacey said...

Poor baby t I hope he's better soon! And don't worry about being protective and paranoid better safe then sorry with a sick little one!