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Thursday, December 11, 2008

5 Months Old

Yea.. I'm 2 days late, but with it being the end of the year, Tristan taking up all of my time (because he is more active and alert), the holidays QUICKLY approaching - you will have to forgive my lateness. :)

So December 9th - Tristan turned 5 Months old.. WOW is all I have to say.. He is getting so big, has the biggest most sweetest personality ever and I am so lucky to have him!!

He is sitting up on his own now, with just a boppy behind him - because when he gets excited he shrills and then throws himself backward only to laugh out loud, because he thinks he's so funny!! He Celebrated his first Thanksgiving, and will Celebrate his first Christmas!! All of these firsts - I am just loving!! He probably thinks I'm the nutty Mom with some kinda device in her hands at all times, with some flashy thing that goes off in his eyes.. haha Sorry Sweat Pea but your way to cute, not to take pictures of..
So the other things he has been doing.. He's sleeping fully through the night (I just jinxed myself I'm sure), He's full on Teething, he has learned that he has hands and they are constantly in his mouth, He discovered his feet and loves to hold onto them when he is being changed, he babbles and gurgles and makes the razzzing noises, he likes to blow bubbles with the water faucet of drool that comes out his mouth, He has discovered that Daddy has a gotee and likes to grab on to it, He has also discovered that I have hair and when he gets a grip of it and pulls!!- I scream "OW" and he thinks its too funny!! (and please excuse the clothes he's wearing, They are his lounge wear - when we get home, oh and he somehow managed to get his slipper off in the two seconds it took me to take this picture, Really we aren't white trash) hahah :0)~
Mmm what else, I know I'm forgetting a ton, I always think of them, but not at the right time!!

Other than that, Things are good... to say the least.. I still have a job, John still is chugging along and we are making things work with this shitty economy. To get more in the Christmas spirit we went and bought our Christmas Tree, oh how I love that smell, but to be honest. I think the Grinch almost stole Christmas in our house.. Normally- I'm the one who is gung ho about decorating, getting the tree etc.. This year - not so much.. I am glad that John asked me to go get a tree because really I would of been happy with just a mini tree or something.. (I know I know where is the Christmas spirit?) Welp, Mine really never came this year.. With having to run your own business with your brothers (one of which is never there and not helping much), and trying to make sure things stay afloat during this crappy time, its definitely put a damper on things. We are however, looking into some things and I have some (possibly) good news. I will write about this tomorrow, when I know for sure. Things could start looking up for us, but time will only tell. I really do hope and pray that they do and I hope my dad is looking down on us and helping us through this.. I really wish he was here, I feel like he would know what to do.. His Birthday is this Month as well, December 31!

So I suppose that is my update in a nutshell.. We have a lot Christmas parties we are attending, So I'm hoping somewhere in between all of those, x-mas shopping, taking care of T and my house and trying not to go insane I can post.. ??!?? and on that note.. My little heart breaker.. ;0)

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