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Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Late Christmas!!

So Sorry - Yea I suck.. but seriously, I had no time and the time I did have a spent it relaxing. I did attempt to come on and blog while T was sleeping and of course got side tracked!!

So with out further adu (or however you spell that)
Tristan's 1st Christmas was fabulous!!
First of all- Christmas Eve we went to my BIL's brother's house, we had some really great food, drinks and fun.. I love going over there. It's very lighthearted and my spirits rise when I go over there, maybe because they leave work at work! (yes My Bil's bro works here with my family as well). Tristan had some fun and was in amazement of all the kids running around.
We headed home and got ready for bed.. T fell right to sleep and slept the entire night!! Yay!!

Christmas morning - T woke up and we kinda just relaxed for a little while, I let him eat and then we decided to wake Daddy.. PRESENT time!! There comes a point in your adult life that Christmas no longer is about receiving, its more about giving. Well, for me Christmas morning I felt like I was 5 years old again and couldn't wait to open presents, except they are Tristan's presents and I can't wait for him to see and play with them.. EXCEPT Tristan is only 5 1/2 months old and really could care less. hahah. Sure, he can express excitement, but thats only when he makes a loud fart noise. As far as opening presents and seeing what was behind that cool paper, not so exciting. For me though it was!! I had my camera waiting and I was click, click, clicking away.. as if those presents were for me!! Oh well, I had fun taking pictures and T had fun eating the paper.. After we took the toys out of that god forsaken cardboard jailhouse we let him play with them, Yep interested for about mmm 2 minutes and then wanted back that Gooey mess of wrapping paper I took away from his mouth. Shit, I should of known, Just get T a roll of wrapping paper, he will be amused for hours!! As long as it crinkles, rips, tears and makes funny noises oh and I can fit it in my little mouth, wrapping paper will work just fine!!

As for me, I got pretty spoiled by John this year. I got some pretty nice gifts- I got juicy couture Viva La Juicy Perfume (mm smells Delicious).. Victoria's Secret "pink" wrap for when I get out of the shower, my external hard drive I asked for since I have 5 million photos on my comp and if anything were to happen to that sucker I want to make sure all my pictures are safe, I got some candles for the house, a Ed Hardy T-shirt (which I love!), some stuff for bath time (sea salts), and some body spray.. I must say John did really good this year!!
John got spoiled as well, funny how we were only supposed to buy each other 2 gifts.. Yea that never happens - Oh well.. I got him, his stuff for the garage (wrench holder and flashlight holder which mounts to the wall), his shoes he asked for, a brand new Lawnmower that he asked for, Ed hardy Cologne (mmm smells awesome), and a GC to a place called "ride makerz" its at westgate. basically its like build a bear but you build a car. (more for boys) but they do have girly cars there to.. So I got that for him and T.. more for John.. but whatever - I thought it was a cute idea. :0) So that was our Christmas morning.. Fun, relaxing and I enjoyed every minute of Tristan's 1st Christmas. I can't wait until next year when he will be walking and possibly talking some by then.. That will be fun and John and I will be broke!! Yikes..

We went to my Mom's for Christmas dinner, which was fun as well. Let's just say, I have never seen my second oldest brother as drunk as he was that night!! WOW, is all I have to say.
Other than that... We ate alot of food, alot of dessert and passed out and opened gifts. Tristan got a lot of new toys and clothes and once again was spoiled.. So many freakin toys and I have no idea where to put them!!
All in all, it was a great Christmas at my Moms with family, but I'm definitely thinking next year, I want a "White Christmas", and what better place to have a white Christmas than Colorado.. Mine and John's Best Friends live there and we were planning to go there for a trip next year anyway.. Well, we might just make that trip a Christmas one.
We will see. ;0)

I will add pictures later.. I'm at work and don't have access to pictures.. So hold tight.. :0)

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