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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Whoa!! 4 Months Old!!

Holy Cow.. you say?? Yep Baby Tristan is 4 months old!!

I waited to post this until we went to his 4 month Dr. Appt. Which went exceptionally well, minus the fact that he got shots. Poor baby. He did not like those.

Tristan weighs in at 19lbs 4oz and is 27 in long.. Yes he is "Huge" for a 4 month old.. Good genes I suppose.. hahah. .He is in his 97% percentile for his age group, and is at the rate of a 6 month old. Which in my book is fantastic!! He's very advanced for his age and I couldn't be happier about that..

She did not like the fact that he is eating rice cereal already but I really don't care. Tristan is very well ready for it and enjoys eating it. I don't give it to him morning, noon and night. He only gets rice cereal at night and it is only 1 TBLS. I did this to help coat his stomach due to him always spitting up. The Dr. said his spitting up is his reflux, which is fine but I'm not going to shove medicine down his throat if it does nothing to help him.

Here is what he has been doing..

started rice cereal at 3months 3 wks old - didn't know what to think at first, but now loves it.

He rolled from his back to his tummy at 3 months 4 weeks and 1 day. and well hasn't done it since.. I suppose I should work on that.. He still hates being on his tummy longer than 2 minutes.. but pushes his self up to see..

Loves to stand on our laps- forget about sitting this boy wants to stand!! Early walker??

He is now grabbing for things that are a distance away, has a good grasp and loves to suck on his hands. He brings both hands together.

the best part is the fact that he is very ticklish.. He cracks up when we tickle his neck and his back.. Its that kinda laugh that is contagious and makes both me and John laugh..

I'm sure there are many other milestones I'm forgetting to put down. but he's learning quickly and getting big so fast.. I'm excited to see him learn and do more things..

I leave you with some 4 month pics..