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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

3 Month Pictures

Better late than never, Right?
Well we did Tristan's 3 month Photo shoot on Oct 19th. We were supposed to meet up with our photographer at Tempe Town Lake for a night shoot, but when we got there it was packed with people- I'm guessing they were having an event. So our photog suggested we go to ASU..
Me, being the first time Mom I am.. I decided to bring props to set the I brought some pumpkins, a haystack and various other things - We also brought Tristan's Halloween outfit.. We had a great time as always and Shelly got some really cute photos of Tristan and all of us as a family.. I love being able to do these. So much potential for natural shots and your not continuously posing..
So here are a few of my Favorites..

and now for Halloween.. We decided to Dress Tristan up in the not so original "Pumpkin" Outfit every one seems to do for there baby's 1st Halloween.. We chose "The HulK" and it fit him to a T!!

And for the last image.. That I absolutely LOVE.. I don't think you could even try to pose for this one..

Thank you Shelly from Ivy Studios for doing these for us.. This completes our Baby Love Sessions.

1 comment:

Amber and Brian said...

I love love LOVE these pictures so much! I got your email you sent and looked at ALL of them! My fav is the Hulk one.