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Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!!

Okay so I'm one day late but I was exhasted yesterday after cooking my first turkey, stuffing and making yummy sides.. So you will have to give me a break..
~~So normally we go to my Moms for Thanksgiving hence I don't have to cook the turkey or do any of the leg work. Well not this year.. This year was ALOT different.. Sad kinda just because none of my family wanted to spend it together. I guess when you work with your ENTIRE family 340 -352 days out of the year.. you kinda need that break away.. So whatever me and John have our own family now and made the best of it.. My Mom was supposed to go out of town as well but ended up not going so she came with us to John's cousins house. It was a quit Thanksgiving dinner with just Johns Cousin Desiree, Daniel, Me, John, Me, T, Johns Dad and my Mom.. So.. on to my Turkey expierence!!

So on Sat- I went and got a fresh organic turkey form Trader Joe's, and I looked up recipes to cook an old fashioned turkey.. Well I came up with nothing that looked intresting , but John did. So with recipe in hand I was good to go to make my FIRST turkey and stuffing..

~ Thursday Morning I woke up- excited to start this process, wondering mmm will it turn out, am I gonna fuck this dinner up?? Well here are the results my ladies or well whoever reads this.. My turkey was "THE BOMB",, Oh yes it was!!!

John tried to take credit for all my hard work.. I dont think so buddy!! This was all my turkey and it turned out GREAT!! It was so moist and juicy and I couldn'y have done a better job if someone asked me to!! haha.. Yep I'm giving props to myself!!

Now, I credit the fact that my turkey was so moist and juicy in part to it being organic and fresh.. My Mom always buys butterballs that are frozen and yes those are great too (who can complain about a Moms cooking? NOT me) but I loved the fact that my turkey was fresh!!

So I did make stuffing too and yea that didnt turn out so well!! I will admit it, it was actually really gross but, in my defense I just followed the recipe and it was just BLEH!!

So on another note it was Tristan's 1st Thanksgiving and it was OUR first Thanksgiving as a family!! So I had to take a pic.. So excuse my look but I was sweating all day in the kitchen and running around - so I made the best of it.. haha
and I couldn't resist these pics of Daddy and T playing on the floor together.. John doesnt get to spend as much time with T as I know he would like so it was nice to see him have his time with him..


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