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Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's Christmas time...

YAY!!! I love Christmas time. even with this shitty economy I'm trying to look past that and keep with the "Holiday Cheer", so time for a face lift!! You like?

Anyway - I started Christmas shopping on Black Friday, OMG was that HELL haha - Trying to get anything done with baby in tow, is a little hard!! To say the least though - we had a good time. I got some shopping done. More for me than any one else.. hahah.

I also went today and got Tristan's Christmas photos done and for some reason when its time to perform for the camera he gets a little shy.. meaning no smiles and looks of "what are you doing"? and "Why is everyone yelling at me to smile"? So here are some photos from today.

We were also supposed to go to Glendale Glitters in Downtown Glendale. We did not make it there on Friday night. I was pretty bummed and I blame this on my friend who flaked on me!! (Jerk) - So I told John we are going to go next week since he is at the Dunes this weekend. Its back to work on Monday after my wonderful and chill 4 days off.. :(
Oh and I tried to decorate but that's alittle hard to do when your Fiance's project truck and sand rail are unmovable with out "Manly" help to get them outta the way, to get up in the attic.. I was looking forward to getting all my Christmas decorations down, turn on some holiday music and jam out with Tristan to Christmas Carols. Oh Well - this will be our project next weekend!! Thats my update!!

And I leave you with my love bug.. He is just so cute (yes its my biased opinion) but I could eat him up!!

Happy Decorating and Christmas Cheer!!

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