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Friday, November 7, 2008

Baby Weekly Questions

Jenni, do you have any lullabies or songs that you sing to Tristan? It doesn't even have to be a lullaby; he loves music and hearing your voice at this age, and will probably enjoy any music you expose him to. This week in your journal write down any type of music or specific songs that Tristan really seems to enjoy. Write down his reaction when you dance around or sing to him.

Okay - Well.. I have to laugh at myself on this one, remember your beginning school days of when you would sing lullabies or I should say nursery rhymes? Well I remember those days but for the life of me can NOT remember the words to any nursery rhymes or lullabies!! Yea I suck.. So I need to get on this quick!! hahah
I wish I could sing Lullabies and little nursery rhymes to Tristan but like I said I don't know any. So there's the answer to that question.
As far as Tristan liking anything in particular I will say Yes.. For some reason and this has to go back to when I was pregnant with him.. Anytime Seether "Fake it" would come on he would go absolutely nuts in my belly.. Yea John is a witness..I like that song- it gets me going.. So of course I listened to it daily.. Well now when I play it he gets all crazy as well.. I will have to video him.. Its so cute.. so that's one song he enjoys and I don't have to sing it to him. haha Could you imagine me singing that to him.. yea no thank you!! As far as other music we listen to its mostly Mommy's music and its usually country or something girly..
Oh and me dancing around.. makes him laugh.. Well I usually dance around with him in my arms and he gets a kick out of it.. At night when I'm getting him ready for bed I have a music player in his room and a cd of slower songs that I like and some that I remember listening to with my dad, one of them is by Van Morrison "Into the Mystic". I love dancing with Tristan to this song, when this song comes on he knows its almost time to go to sleep and he snuggles right into my chest and just lays there while I sway around, sometimes I don't even dance with him I will just put it on and sit in my rocking chair while I'm feeding him his last feeding for the night and again he just snuggles right up into my chest.... John laughs at me when he sees me, but I think he's secretly jealous.. hahah.. So I'm sure this will be one of his memories.. or at least I hope it will be.. :0)

That's all for this week.. :0) Except Tristan will be 4 months old on Nov 9.. So I will be posting pics and updates then... :0) Have a good weekend.

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