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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2 Very Important things

that are going on today!!

First and formost..... It's John's 30th Birthday!!! 30 years old!! WOW!!! haha Today he woke up and I said, "So How does it feel to be 30?" He just looked at me and said "I feel Old". Thats it!! I really dont think being 30 is old niether do I think turning 40 is old.. I guess in a sense until you hit about 60-70's I dont consider the other numbers as being old.. It also depends on how you live your life.. Being 30 is like the new 20's to me -except with ALOT more responsiblities and well privleges!! Being 30 is living in your prime and I have heard so many people say that being in your 30's is so much more than just that number, its much more meaningful and fulfilling!!
So with that being said... Happy 30th Birthday John.. I love you and I hope you have the best day!!

and 2nd... Its ELECTION DAY!!! This is considered a pretty historic election day and I can definitely see why.. for the first time a black man is running for the presidenticy and before that a woman was competing as well.
Now it is down to the peoples vote between 2 men and 2 different outlooks for this country..both whom have good and valid points and some not so much.
I took advantage of my right and my privlege today to go and make my vote. I'm happy I stood in line- as I stood in line there were young and old standing with me. Young as in 18 - 20-23- old as in 60's 70' and 80's.. We all took the time to vote on this day, we took the time to make sure that who ever is our next President will help our Country and make the changes needed..
So if you haven't already voted get out there and vote!! If you don't - dont bitch about who became the next president because in my book you have no right to bitch.. YOU DIDN'T VOTE!!! If the person you did vote for doesn't Win - then all you can say is at least you tried and you still got out there to make your vote count!!!

OBAMA??? or MCCAIN???? Who will it be..

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