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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby Weekly Questions

Figured I could take these and answer them hear. Kinda like my own little Journal.. So here we go.. Maybe I will do these every week when I get them FUN!!!

what has surprised you most about being a parent? Is it something about your baby's development? (Did you know about meconium before that first diaper, for instance?) Has the strength of your mothering instinct surprised you? Are you surprised by what a good mother you are? Write about the things that have surprised you about parenthood.

1st ?....What has surprised me most about being a parent?
Well for one the instant LOVE you have and feel. You don't think that you could ever love someone so much and instantly for that matter and then when you welcome this tiny little being into the world, its INSTANT and its an overwhelming amount of love. I could and cannot imagine my life with out Tristan. I don't even know what life was like before we had him. It's of no importance to me any more. Where I go, he goes and I'm fine with that. Secondly- How fast they grow!! Tristan is 3 1/2 months old and he is just like a growing weed. He is smart, witty and makes me smile when I look at him. He is getting so big(chunky) and I love his little rollie pollie legs and his little cute cankles.

2nd ?.... Has the strength of my Mothering instinct surprised me?? YES.. I guess I have always had that motherly feeling, more or less because I've been around babies and kids since I was 5 with my oldest brother having little ones and of course my 2nd brother and my sister. So I know what to do, how to change the diaper etc.. but being a MOTHER is VERY different. So my instinct kicked into high gear for sure.. I'm pretty protective of Tristan, I think more protective then I ever thought I would be. It makes me laugh but its true.. I don't want to see him cry, or hurt or sick. So my instinct is to shield him from that.. My instinct is also to correct people on how they are holding, feeding, diapering etc.. and I do it to John as well and I know I shouldn't because he's learning.. So I'm trying to learn to back off and let him learn.

3rd?... Me? a good mother?? haha Well thank you.. I am a good mother, or so I like to think so. I'm Tristan's favorite person, favorite comfort, favorite story teller, favorite passenger.. So Yep I would like the prize for best mother.. J/K
In my opinion all mothers are good mothers in there own special and unique way, well those that care and nurture their children. I consider myself a great Mom, I'm new at this but I know whats best for Tristan and I always will (haha). I love taking care of him, holding him, giving him five million kisses in a day, and I ABSOLUTELY love when he snuggles with me.. I feel as though I'm the best Mom for "him" and that's all I can be and will be!!

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Amber and Brian said...

awww you're so cute! You are a great mommy! And he is just so cute I want to eat him up!