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Saturday, October 4, 2008

On the wedding front.. and etc...

I've been making some progress. Eh well somewhat anyway --.. We figured out when my Bridal shower and bach party will be. the girls are all on the same page as far as ordering there dresses. I met up with one of the caterers, Great food, the other one pissed me off and stood me up basically!! So much for your "preferred vendor list" Villa Siena!! ugh..
I'm meeting with Kimmy D on Thursday to go over my invites and all the other paper products.. I sent out my STD's.. We signed the contract for the officiant and now I have Homework?!! Yep "wedding homework> Wonderful..

Theres still so much to be done.. and well 5 months to do it.. but I have my handy dandy calander I made and as long as I stick to the goals- I should be okay..

Oh and I forgot to update about my weightloss - which I was supposed to post about on Sept 24.. As of then I had lost 6 1/2 pounds.. not bad but I was hoping for more.. My goal is to lose 10 lbs by the 24th of Oct.. so that would make a total of 16lbs lost.. (I hope I can do it)!!
oh and I start working out at my brothers gym on Monday.. He surprisingly is going to train my ass!! I'm so excited because he will show no mercy and thats sooo what I need right now.. So here's to being a Buff bride and Momma!! Here I come.. Weeee......

Tristan will be 3 months old on Oct 9th.. He doesnt even seem to be 3 months, he acts so much older than that.. He seriously amazes me everyday! I love it..

Oh and I got new tattoo.. well no I "finally" finished my tattoo on my foot.. and it hurt like nobodys business.. :( . I will post pics later my camera battery is charging..

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