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Friday, August 15, 2008

My first outing by myself..

Proved itself to be so HARD!!!

When you have an infant who is 5 weeks old and you have a Travel Stroller to work with when heading out and about Oh Man.. Nobody ever tells you how hard it is to get in and out of your vehicle, in and out of stores, around the stores- in between clothing racks, and how rude people can truly be(not holding doors open for you etc.)..
So when I got home from what was supposed to be like an hour outing -turned 5 hours (well since I was out I went to a few more stores then noted). I went on a search for something more econmical for myself until Tristan is able to sit up on his own and actually use the travel stroller we recieved at my baby shower. I went to and looked up Strollers and I came across the Graco Snugrider infant carseat frame. FREAKIN FABULOUS!! I read the reviews. Nothing but great things said, the looks of it are awesome and it looks like it could be something I need!!! Well I cant wait - so I went to babies R us to see how much of a cost diiference it would be.. and amazon was basically the same price as babies r us plus shipping.. Babies R us would be cheaper.. Anyway - I'm going tomorrow to go get this sucker!!
Take a look...

I'm Excited.. This should make my outings go much easier, I hope.. Check back and I will give my review of this once I try it!! YAY I'm excited.. I thought I was doomed everytime we went out.. Not ANYMORE!!!

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