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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wedding - Wedding - Wedding

Oh Man.. My Wedding is less than 7 months away and I am officially freaking out..
Lets see here -- I could of swore I was more prepared and i probably am but reality has really set in and the fact that my wedding is coming up so fast it's freaking me out.. I feel as though I didn't get anything done.. but you see I have - Why cant I see that??

Lets go down the list and check it twice, shall we..

I have:
My Colors - Browns, Pinks, Greens, and Black
My Dj -Like him alot!!!
My Florist - Calla Lillies and Carnations
I have my BEAUTIFUL Dress
my Make up Artist - Ambie - Love her
I have my Hair Stylist - Christine
Soon to have my Officiant - Jerry Law
My Cake - Love them - Yum CAKE!!
My Favors - Candy Buffet Cant wait to see this set up I need to order something for them to put them in
I have my Photogragher - Shelly Ivy ( thank you Kim) LOVE love Her
My save the dates - going out in Sept.

So it seems as though I have alot done. but uh.. lets go over the list of things I don't have done.

Menus, Programs etc.. (all paper products)
CATERER ( this is huge and I haven't even went and did tastings yet.. AHHHHH)
Accessories for my dress, need to get my veil re- done, shoes
The girls need to order there BM's Dresses
John still hasn't picked his Men ( are you serious)???
He needs to go get tuxes or at least pick what he likes and wants
My Mom needs to find her dress
We need to get a little tux for Tristan
We still need to get Rings
Haven't picked a Honey Moon destination ( My Mom is supposed to be working on her Timeshare info and she hasn't ahhhhh)
the biggest one of all LOSING THIS BABY WEIGHT that I have gained!! umm yea abt 40 lbs needs to go bye - bye so I can look smokin hot in my dress.. Oh shit!! time is ticking Jenni get with it!!
narrow down our guest list.. We are at 150 we need to be at 100!!! YIKES

uhh what else -- I'm sure I'm missing the rest of the list and I'm sure there's about 50 more things that need to be added.. :(

I'm at a loss for words at this moment.. I will be back..

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Take the items one at a time and start knocking them out... you'll get it done I promise! Just focus on one or two things at a time versus the whole list. It will be awesome I know it!