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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sleeping through the Night!!!

I posted that M has started sleeping through the night!  It's TRUE!   I didn't want to say anything, or announce it on FB or even remotely tell my brain that M has been sleeping through the night since the 2nd week I started school.    I mean he's been sleeping in his own room since about 3 months and was on and off getting up anywhere from 2 -5 times a night. I really thought I would never get to have uninterrupted sleep again.  The week I started school, I prayed and prayed and told M please please help me out a little and sleep!! I start school this week and for the love of God I need some sleep. YA, that didnt happen, I was pretty much slapped in the face that night!  M was up EVERY.HOUR.ON.THE.HOUR.  I seriously was beyond frustrated, even the hubs got up to help. I finally went in to check on M AGAIN, and he was fussing and moving about. I put his Pacifier back in and off I went, and not even before my head hit the pillow he started crying, balloring, and whining, when John went to get up I quickly said, "DO Not get up"!!!  let him cry, I can't do this anymore and started crying quitely into my pillow. I was at my breaking piont,  I wasn't sure what else to do. So I let him whine for about 5 min, and right before I went to get up for what seemed like the millionth time, it got quit! I waited and waited,  Ahhhh back to sleep for 30 min. =(  So after that night, I just figured I was doomed. Even after praying, and having a talk with M. It just wasn't happening.
 Then it did!!
I seriously have no idea what happened but that weekend he slept both nights without a peep. I figured it was a fluke and I was sure he would start up again, knowing that I had work and school coming. Sunday night, he did it again, HE SLEPT all night!  I even doubted him again for Monday night, Nope he slept Monday night, ALL NIGHT, No peeps, no whining No fussing. NOTHING!! 
I didn't want to shout for joy just yet, figuring I would jinx myself or this was just a silly joke he was playing on me. Week one, Sleep! Week two, Sleep! Week three, Sleep! and Week four, SLEEP!!  

I am now going to shout this "MICAH IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!"   Can I get an AMEN?!?!?    

Seriously I thought I was just doomed. We were beyond spoiled with T, and we still are. That kid can sleep. He's 3 1/2 and still takes a 3 hour nap, still sleeps 10-12 hours through the night. 
Now that M is getting into a groove its making my life so much easier. I'm still frazzled at times, still trying to figure out a good routine for the mornings, I doubt I'll ever get that down. HA!  When I had T, we just kind of fell into a routine, he was easy.
Getting into a routine/schedule with M has been challenging. Maybe i put to much  pressure on us to get to that point thinking that it was supposed to be like when I had T. I've definitely had to learn other wise.   M & T are completely different!!  T was laid back and chill, he was a slow mover- He hit milestones a little later than "normal", M on the other hand is feisty, he has been since being in my belly. He's not laid back, he wants to be part of the action. He wants what he wants!   Either way, I am super happy that he is sleeping through the night  now. I seem to be regaining myself back.  My energy is coming back and not just in shifts or because of an awesome sugar high!  
I can actually say that, life is slowly returning to a "normal".  I'm working, I'm going to school, my house is a mess(oh well), I'm trying to figure out how to fit in some Gym time.  All in all, I feel way better about having two kids, than I did a few months ago.

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