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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

5 Months and NOW 6 Months Micah

Yea I know, I SUCK!!   I'm just going to combine these two months-   I really have no idea how people have more than 2 kids, I can't even mange having 2, work full time, go to school and try to keep up with a house, 3dogs and the list goes on.. oiiii..  Blogging apparently has taken a semi permanent back seat at the moment.  =(

Micah is now 6 months old, ohhh this guy!!  This chub full of love is something else I tell ya!!  They always say the 2nd one  moves faster than the first, and WOW are they 10000% correct!! 
Here's some new stuff this guy has been up to:
* Rolling ALL over house, no sense in having a mat anymore.
*Sitting up by himself since 5 1/2 months- no assistance, meaning no boppy to hold him up
*Army crawl/scoot-  this has just started within this last week.
*Gets up on all fours and rocks
*Tucks legs under him and pushes off to get to a toy
*SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!  Can I get a AMEN!!   More on that later.
*Started solids at 4 months, all oranges,  greens and most of all fruits- Anything I make
*Drinks 6 oz of formula, 2 solid feedings during the day- brunch/dinner
*No longer in Physical Therapy for his torticollis! YAY!!
*No signs of Flat head, or the need for a Cranial Band!! YAY!!
*He's a drooling feign, his bottom two teeth are right there and ready to pop through. I can feel them and see the very tips, its just making that cut.
*He's got a temper, Oh yay this guy means business- When you take something away from him he gets MAD!!!  Throws him self back if sitting, shouts at you and shows you his disapproval of you taking something from him.
*Loves bath time
*Loves to EAT, EAT, EAT
*Loves hanging out with T, T has a way of getting M to just crack up. Its the funniest, cutest laugh ever.  T has become pretty protective of his brother I've noticed as of late.

That's all I can really think of at the moment and I'm sure there are a million other things he's doing. We go on Friday for his 6 month well check, with some shots to go along with it.  YUCK!  I'll Update when I get his stats.  Here's a boat load of pics to catch up us up on all the growing this guy has been doing.

(I'm not sure why this one won't stay rotated) 

T mean Muggin!


and up on all fours, the pillow was getting in his way.

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