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Monday, October 24, 2011


Sounds like some kind of exoctic turtle..

Its not, unfortunately M was diagnosed with this at his one week/one month well check. 
Torticollis: is a twisted neck in which the head is tipped to one side, while the chin is turned to the other. Symptoms: Limited range of motion of the head. Could cause flat head.  

M favors one side more than the other.  I noticed this when we were in the hospital and I had made a statement to John about it, but figured I was being to vigilant. So I waited till his one week appt and I noticed it even more and more. Before his one week, I tipped his head  back and noticed a knobby growth on his neck, I was kind of taken back at first, like is this normal? Did T have this?  I went back and forth with it and one day John saw it, and asked what it was. That was a given something wasn't right. So at his one week, I brought it up to my Pedia and she told me to keep an eye on it until his one month.   So I did and things just didn't get better. That knobby thing stayed and his preference to which he layed was becoming worse. At his one month, I told my pedia that his neck wasn't getting better and also showed her the knobby growth thing. She said welp looks like he has Torticollis. I knew it. So she got me into physical therapy that Thursday and we have been going ever since. We went once a week and now go twice a week to get this situated.
I am so lucky I caught this early, most people don't catch it right away(not there fault) and by the time they do its so far gone that Physical therapy doesn't always help. At one month we started and we have a great head start on this.  I'm hoping and she the physical therapist think that by December we should be able to be released. Of course with at home exercises and stretches to keep on top of it.
That knobby growth, is considered a Pseudo-tumor. Pseudo meaning not real, fake. Within the first two weeks of us working with it at Therapy and at home, the knobby thing has gone down a significant amount. His range of motion has improved a ton and even more so now. Except of course when he gets tired, the head tends to fall back into that position.
As far as what the causes are and how this happens. I was informed that M's form of torticollis is considered a TRUE torticollis. Meaning that it happened while he was being baked. Which brings some truth to it. The entire time I was pregnant. M remained head down, as my Dr. would put it, "he's locked and loaded",  So they are thinking that because he was head down for so long that this caused the kink in his neck.
The other form of torticollis they see way more of now then ever because of the "back to sleep" to prevent SIDS is called induced torticollis. Which causes the flat head or side. From what I understand this is a harder form to work with because this is induced and caught in late stages, not only do they have to work with a twisted neck now they have to deal with a flat head. Which typically will lead to that infant having a helmet. 
Like I said, I am so glad we caught this early. I probably was a little crazy about the flat head thing happening, I have had a lot of people I know have to deal with this and I did not want to have to be in that position.
Other than that M is doing awesome and I'm hoping for some good news in the coming weeks.

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