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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Well Yesterday,  October 24th is my Birthday..I am now on the Verge of jumping to a new age group.. Last year in my twenties!! I can't even believe it. Like how the hell and when the hell did I turn 29?  How did this happen??!!? So crazy to think I AM 29... It could just be me, I just don't feel 29. I may look it especially after having 2 kids and the newest one is kicking my butt in the sleep department. Bags, sags and dark undereyes are a complete give away.
I plan to have an awesome year!! Starting with wiping out debt thats been lingering with us. We have many plans in the future and I know we are on the right path.  I am still going to school and I start back in Jan. to finally finish that last class before getting on the wait list to the nursing career I dream about on a daily basis.
We have some vacations planned that will take us back to SeaWorld, Legoland and Disney Land. Possibly heading back to New Jersey with 2 kids this time, for my Cousins wedding.
I have a goal in mind to become healthier and get my ass back in shape, in time. It's a long term goal and something I have to want to do! 
Other than that, I am going to enjoy this next year. Especially with our new addition. I am so excited to see him grow and watch who he becomes. I look forward to all of his firsts. I think more than ever because I look back at when T hit his firsts and how exciting they were. It adds to my excitement to see if M will do things early, the same or later than his older brother did.

My hubs spoiled me yet again, I have been wanting a new lens for my camera and thats exactley what he got me. I tested it out last night and I'm in love!!  I still have a lot to learn about this camera, which I'm hoping I can take a class to teach me how to use this camera to its fullest potential. I have taught myself quite a bit, but it would be nice to know more. I also recieved flowers from the boys and T even sang me happy birthday. So cute!!  =) 

Cheers to a GREAT last year in my Twenties..

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