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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Holy Neglected Blog

I'm still here, I'm still alive. Kinda. The last 2 months have been kind of a haze. Time is flying and with that my boys are getting bigger by the moment. Sad really! I have tons to update about. I told myself I would blog since I would be home, but when I would sit, M started in, or I needed to wash bottles, do laundry, pump, and the list goes on.
I spent 9 awesome weeks at home and feel like I accomplished nothing on the list of things I wanted to do, besides love on baby M. That I did and I loved it! 

I have a few posts I wanted to get to: Some are old, some are New.
soon very soon.
This week I am back at work, I'm working 3 days a week and 2 days a week at home with M.
Getting adjusted with coming back to work and getting two boys ready to get out the door has been  an entirely new thing we are slowly learning, I'm hoping in time it will just become a routine, right now everything just feels out of sorts.
T is amazing, going threw Horrible Three's who said Terrible Two's were bad? because they were oh so wrong!! I would take the Two's back ANY.FREAKEN.DAY.
M is the most amazing, squishy, chubby cheeked baby ever. He's 2 months old!
I'm good, besides being beyond exhausted, but I'm keepin up as best as I can. We (John and I) have a vacation coming up the beginning of November, so I keep willing myself to that date because for 2 blissful days i plan to SLEEP, Like ALOT!!

I will update more and more as I get back into more of a routine. First with M's 2 month post and what we have been up to the last 2 months that just keeps us on the go.

HAPPY FALL!!!  Thank you Sweet Jesus. Us Arizonans look forward to cooler weather and I'm thrilled to get out of the house and enjoy it, as well as the festivities!

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