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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Month

M is a month old today!! Gahhh what happened to my month of littleness?  It just goes to fast, I hate it and I love it. In the last month M has completed our family, completed me in so many wonderful amazing ways. He has filled our home with more love and laughter than I could have ever asked for. The first month was hard, it was an adjustment and yet we are still here and still going strong.  Big Brother T is still adjusting and proves to be a loving but jealous brother. 

Here are some stats: Sept 6, 2011
Weight: 10lbs 12 oz   75%til
Length: 22in 75%tile
Head Circ: 15"  50%tile At birth he was 14.25 OUCH!!

We have a few issues we have to over come, for one M has an outie for a belly button, not necessarly an issue just something that makes him different,but we love all that much more.
He refuses to latch still, I try at every feeding except at night, I am guilty of being lazy. I am still pumping but because of the non latch my supply is dwindling which sucks and i blame the fact that the NICU fecked me out of my BFing experience. 
He was diagnosed with Torticollis, he favors one side. I knew we were going to have this issue. Since birth M has favored one side more than the other and when I tried to move his head, it was just so stiff and he would get so pissed that I was even trying. The Dr. noticed it at his one week check and told me to keep an eye out, which has just gotten worse. We start physical therapy next week. 
He is so strong, he has been holding his head up for a good 5-20 seconds at any one time and this has been since one week and on. Tummy time i started last week and still proves how string he is by pulling his head up and pushes up with his feet.  Just to do a comparison, at this age T could barely pull his head for tummy time. He would hold his head up but was so super wobbly, M has pretty good stability.
Just in my opinion, I have a feeling M is going to be a lot bigger than T is. M is just SOLID. This is not in a bad way, this is just my motherly instinct about my boys.

He has started smiling and cooing at us - I love diaper changes because this is when it happens the most. Kind of funny really.
M is definitely my feisty child, he does not sleep, well not during the day anyway. I feel like I'm doing something wrong, but he just likes to be awake. For 2 weeks he had his nights and days mixed and was killing me in the meantime. As soon as he would finally go down, my other one was wide awake. Let me tell you!!   I knew M would be my feisty kid from the very first time I felt him, he never stopped, he was always on the move, where as his brother was a sitting duck, he never moved unless I ate or jiggled my belly.   I already compare them so much and I probably shouldn't but its fun to see how different but so alike these two really are!

Postpartum for me:  I am down 27lbs I gained a total of 35 lbs with this pregnancy. I double checked this.  The first 2 weeks were miserable for me, recovery compared to my csection was 1000 times better, but its still recovery, I still had a 4th degree tear/epsiotomy .. not fun. I still had to deal with swelling and soreness all around, because of the amount of meds I was given through my epidural my legs were numb forever!  Like as of today I finally have feeling back in both my knees, my left knee took forever to get that feeling back. So weird!
Emotionally the first 2 weeks were hard, I wondered if we had made the right decision. If we should of just stuck with one, if we should have waited longer or started earlier?  I questioned myself as a mother and wondered if I could really do this?   I'm not gonna lie the first 2 weeks SUCKED!  I cried at everything and anything and anyone.. As of today, I am WAY better, I feel better, I no longer cry when John leaves for work and no longer cry when T acts out, because I know that John is coming home, and that T is acting out because he's 3 and this is just a phase and that I. am. a. Mom. of. 2. and. I. got. this!!  That's my motto!
3 weeks postpartum, still swollen.

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