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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Maternity Pics for Baby #2

I love doing these, but I did have my reservations about doing them again. Until of course I talked to our photog who has been doing our pics starting before T was born, She did our maternity, newborn, 3 month, and 1 year pics for T, as well as all of our wedding pics. and now we are back for more after being talked into it, it didn't take much to pull my arm. I figured this is my last and I want him to have the same pics to look back on as T does.
She rocks, I love her style, and well she's amazing, and we had a such a BLAST!! 

Here are a few from our session we had on Sat. 

This Picture above, kills me- T was literally knocking on my belly and saying, "Micah, Hello Micah!!"

My 33 week Bump, I feel like a whale- but I'm trying to remain positive. I'm still about 26ish pounds lighter than I was with T, so that's nice to know and at my Dr's appt yesterday I was informed that I'm FAR away from the number I hit at my final weigh in at 39 weeks with T, I am up 1 lb.. So if I can maintain that, I will be one happy camper..  =) 


Paula said...

Those are beautiful pictures! Where was the location?

Jenni said...

An Orchard in Chandler somewhere.. Haha,, It was right behind a church called THe GROVE.. The church was really pretty, but then you walked to the side and this is what we went into.. It was pretty neat, I wasn't sure what to expect. But they turned out so cute.
Thank you.

Paula said...

Thanks :-) I want to do family pictures for my parents anniversary, so I will need to contact your photographer ... she does an awesome job!