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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bye 2010 - Hello Hello 2011

I'm super exited to say good bye to 2010.. Not that it was bad, but I'm hoping for a much more prosperous and happier new year!!
Including a new addition to our Family, Tristan turning 3 and remodeling more of our house, since we are so "blessed" with.  (insert wink) 
We are blessed! I am kidding with my sarcasm.  
I'm hoping for a better work year, and I'm hoping that the next two classes that I take go smoothly and quickly and I pass without any problems.

I can't wait to meet our new addition due in August. I can't wait to see Tristan become a big brother.
I have many hopes and dreams for this next and I hope this year comes together has hoped and planned. =0)

Happy New Year to everyone!! 

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