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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dr. Appt Numero Uno

Was a blast!!  I can't believe we actually got to see a little cheez ball growing, and moving!!  It was so surreal to say the least. As soon as she started I saw the sac and within that sac i saw the heart beating so furiously - What a relief!! a GREAT relief.  I only saw one sac but had to ask just to make sure. She said nope you only have one jumping bean in there. 
At 8 weeks and 3 days GA it was moving around, squirming and you could see little arm and feet buds. Very neat to see. Seeing that when I had T's first appt there was none of that,  he was just a blob. Crazy what 2 weeks can make. 
Everything looks great, I forgot to ask how many beats per minute. All I cared about seeing was the heart beating.  Love that!   So I am officially and 100% pregnant!!  Can not wait to add to our family and watch T become a big Brother!! 

I go back Jan 31st for my check up, as well as my NT scan. I will be about 12-13 weeks. I'm very excited for this scan- I had it with Tristan and what I great experience.
This picture is so weird looking, but you can tell where the body is and where the head will begin to take shape, since its still folded in that weird arrangement.  

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