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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

School, Babies and the rest..

Just some updates..

T is AWESOME.. I know I say that A LOT..  He is though.. He is 28 Months Old. Or 2 however you would want to see it..
He talks like its going out of style, but hearing him talk is amazing. Its so weird to hear his sweet voice. He has a great 2 year old attitude. He tells me what to do.. Gotta love him..
Just a little of T. oh and he calls me "Mom" not "Mommy"  WTF?? 

T: "Mom, come play mono, you wanna come play me?'
Me: "Sure T, lets go play but hold on let me grab some water."
T: " Now, mom..Come on.  Play mono's. Go in my room."
(Mono's are motorcycles, were he got mono's from I have no idea) Its secret language I suppose

He yells at the dogs constantly.. We used to say SHUT UP.. but because T caught on to that Quick, we have to watch what we say..
We now say be quiet..

He says: "Be quiet (ki it) kane, be quiet indy.. shhhhh"

He kills me with the new things he learns everyday.. Sometimes I just have to sit and stare at him like when did you learn that, and sheesh your really talking in complete sentences!! 

He sucks at eating though.. For someone who was 97% percentile and up his entire first year of life in the weight dept, is weird to me.. I know he is changing and busy, really busy with playing and such. He just has no desire to eat. Especially in the morning. The mornings are a battle..
We make his food, he sits at  the table and he looks at his food like eh..  and he will sit there the ENTIRE time and not touch it. I have to physically go over and feed my 2 year old kid just to make sure he has something anything in his stomach.
He doesn't drink milk, he hates it. We try all the time to give it to him. Nothing.Wont touch it!! 
I hope this is  just a phase because really I hate it!!
K (our daycare provider) says he does great at lunch.
Dinner comes around and he does pretty good, but again I have to sit there and make sure he's eating. not all the time but I would say 85% of the time.. Gahhhhh it SUCKS!!!!! 
Sleeping he is AWESOME!!
We took down one of the rails on his crib and turned it into a toddler bed. He goes straight to bed when we say. Which is right around 830 pm.   He sleeps until 7 every morning, sometimes 630am
Nap times are still the same.. He goes down at about 1230-1 and sleeps until about 4.
Shoot he tells us when he's tired.. haha  Kid cracks me up!!
 I am truly blessed, even on the days he is giving me hell.

Babies..  Yep they are on the brain.. now more than ever.. I am ready..soooo ready. I'm excited to start trying. I am off my BC  - just decided to go ahead with out it and get in some good practice.  ;)
I've come to terms with the fact that I'm going to have another boy, so I have been looking at boy themes and boy bedding and boy names. 

I am actually really proud of myself..  I am doing exceptionally well in my classes.  I took Math in the summer and finally passed it!! With a B at that.. 
The class I'm in now is one of my Bio's class and so far I have been maintaining a B as well.
If you know me, I am not an overachiever especially in school. Me and school don't mix, or at least I used to think that way.. Now because I am that much more focused and ready to do this. I have goals and i have a set mind frame and I FREAK out if I get below a B on any test.. Not Ok with me.
We have had 3 exams and so far I have gotten a 82, 84 and a 92!!  HECK YES!!! 
School for me no matter what is a challenge, but now that I'm older I am READY and I want to do this!!
Next classes I have are Bio 201 and Chm 130 to get on the wait list for Nursing. After those are done and while I am waiting I have some Co- Reqs I need/want to get out of the way. This will all depend on Baby #2.
I also have thought about taking a Phlebotomy course as well as a CNA program, just to have some more experience under my belt. We will see though.


Jess said...

Wait. Why are you going to have another boy? Is this some sort of medical condition?

Inquiring minds must know. I'm nosy like that.

Ann Armenta said...

Great job on school! Def. recommend the CNA program. It was a great learning tool for me while I finish my pre-reqs. I'm taking Phlebotomy now and to be honest, not feeling it. I'm a nurse- it's just that simple. I'm glad I learned how to do draws properly but the class is for PHLEBOTOMISTS. And I had no idea how different the two worlds were. Everyone in my class who is going to nursing school isn't feeling it/doing as well with it as those who are attending to be Phlebotomists. Just a insiders perspective though. Maybe it's different it AZ!

Jenni said...

Haha.. No no medical condition.. Well hmm maybe it could be. but My ENTIRE family has ALL boys, except for ONE girl.. ONE out of 11.. and on my husbands side its ALL boys as well.. So I'm pretty much destined to have another boy..
I want a girl, but I'm not getting my hopes up..

Jenni said...

Thats crazy that you feel that way about phlebotomy, I have heard opposite from those that have taken it and they said it was as easy as pie, and really good to know.
Good luck with that class.