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Monday, October 4, 2010

Traveling Family

We leave this week on Thursday for New Jersey. I'm pretty excited, nervous, anxious. I'm not really sure how well T is going to do. I'm not sure how John and I are going to do on this trip with all the anxiety going through airport security etc. Should be interesting. We have a straight flight to Jersey which is 5 hours.
Yay, now you know why I'm nervous. We don't have a small baby we can just shove a bottle in the mouth and hope he falls asleep.
So I have been strategically planning this, trying to figure out game plans and what I need to bring to keep him entertained for 5 hours. just in case he doesn't pass out.
Here's what I have so far.
First off,  I decided to send my Aunt a check and a list. This list is of everything that I'm going to need when we get there. ie: wipes, diapers, snacks, juice, regular things we have at home.  If I need more we can go. I just figured this would be easiest. When we get there its going to be hectic so the less we have to throw into the mix the better!
Saves on luggage to!! 
Next- I purchased T a brand new Toy Story back pack. He has a Cars backpack now(its the diaper bag). So I have been collecting small things to take with us on the plane that he has not seen yet and have them all in this bag.
Snacks, Lolli pops, dirtbikes, cars, movies, doodle board, crayons etc.  You get the idea!
I have to keep him occupied for 5 hours!!
We are also going to bring our Portable DVD player, thank the good lord I bought this a long time ago before kids, because even though it has collected dust for 4 years, it has a whole new beginning!
I purchased Toy Story 2 and Finding Nemo. T has been in love with Woody & Buzz lately so the new toy story will be GREAT! 
I'm hoping all of this will make the flight go by as quickly as possible. =)  (I'm praying)

To keep mine and John's sanity I have things as organized as I can get them.
Thank goodness we are going to have 4 extra hands to help us out. My Mom and Sister are going!!
We have to bring T's Seat on the plane with us, and we are bringing T's stroller to the gate. I'm hoping to bring T's luggage as a carry on, since we are flying with a carrier that charges for luggage.. UGH!!
As well as John's Backpack and my purse and I will probably bring my backpack last minute filled with crap, who knows. HA!!

Here's all the items we are taking with us.

Hopefully all of this stuff helps us out..
If you have any travel ideas or suggestions. I would love to know!! 

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