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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Updates and New Pics of My Laundry room..

WOOOHOO!!!  I now have a Completed laundry room, I still haven't put it back together completely but I will do it tomorrow - I can't satnd being so unorganized. 

I have been MIA lately.. I started school 2 weeks ago, and now its starting to get into the homework and studying etc. Add that to aleady hectic life, = No time for blogging and do things that I like to do. Gotta do what I gotta do though.

So here are some updated pics of T, the laundry room and randoms  =) Hope you all have a great Labor day..
Tristan hangin with Cailtlen- his new fling =)

I got a new due, you can't see the back, but I had her bring it up higher and thin it out. I'm really enjoying this cut.

T cracks me up with the way he sleeps, he also was rockin some BLUE lips from a sucker he had after lunch

And here is my completed Laundry room. So happy with the way this all came out. I will definitely be purchasing the uppers, I think it will complete the look and make for extra storage!
Excuse the messiness, I have to go back in and re organize.
Its DONE!!! YAYAYAY  Tile, Paint, new cabinet with sink & faucet, extra storage! Yep I'm in love!!

1 comment:

Amber and Brian said...

beautiful! love the cabinets and the countertops!