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Friday, March 26, 2010

Well Hello little blog...


Wow I have been super absent.. I apoligize, to anyone who really reads this thing.. HA.. :0)
Lets just start off with- it has been EFFING RIDICULOUS AROUND THESE parts lately. NO TIME, NONE!!!!   and I want a 2nd kid HA  thats funny!!!! 
 Really though- its been pretty crazy..   We have picked WAY up at work, which is awsome and its not going to let up anytime soon!!   Last weekend was John and I's 1 Year Anniversary!! March 21st. Marke our 1 Year- it went by so fast.. We went to the dunes to celebrate and we had a blast. John broke the Rhino but whatever we still had fun!! Now that T is bigger and can really enjoy it, I love going..   This past week and a half basically we have  been gearing up for this overload of work that is about to hit us face first and I'm walking into something I have never done, in all my years working here, its been pretty simple, I've taken on more and more as far as the human resources go, taxes, payroll, payroll taxes and the list gets longer. So when I returned on Monday I was pretty much slapped with a WHOLE SHITLOAD of more stuff piled onto my plate. I'm not gonna lie- I'm nervous-  I am supposed to be going back to school in June -We leave for our cruise May 1st and umm yea I do everything at work... So after discussing this with my brother's we decided it was time to get some help!!  YAYA!!!!!! 
I interviewed a girl yesterday for the position, and to be really honest.. I really like her. I'm not one to like other girls especially when its moving in on my terriotory- but I think this girl- is going to save my sanity!!!  No joke!! 
I think of all the relief she will create for me and I can't wait to find out if she accepts our offer.. :/ 

On our home front - we have some changes taking place as well. I'm excited but also nervous about this to.. John's cousin is going to move in with us for about 6 months until he gets on his feet again. He will be working for our company - We told him that he has 6 months to save money, get his head on straight and get his own apartment/house at that time. He has 2 kids that live in Yuma with his ex, and they are having issues. So to help him out, John and I offered to help.. I enjoy M  (I wont use his name) - He's fun, and he loves T so we have a free babysitter for the next 6 months wooohooo.. this of course is in place of paying us rent.. hahaha :0) 
So this weekend, we have to clean out the office, and get things moved around, cleaned and ready to go because he moves in this weekend!!  WHOA!!!   Lots going on..

So as you can see- this is why I have been absent- I wish I could write more, I enjoy it- its my release even if all I do is talk about T... like I said its MY release..
Just an FYI I'm down 8lbs. I gained about 3lbs last week grrrr. I hate this weight thing.. It always kicks my ass.. but I'm still truckin.. My Goal is to be down in total 15 by May 1 - thats when we leave for our cruise.. :0) 

OH and I BROKE MY EFFING CAMERA.. :(   I dont know what to do when we go on our cruise, John does NOT want me to buy a new one, because he knows I will go and get that Nikon.. and thats a pretty penny, something he doesnt want to spend right now, and really we shouldn't (I shouldn't)  but Man, I love that camera... :)   So I'm hoping maybe Canon can get it repaired in time, but I highly doubt it.. :/

So those are the updates around my world.. I wish I could write more, but by the time I get home I'm exhausted.  I got to bed when T goes to bed  8Pm.. is bedtime.. Pathetic I KNOW!!! 

Some Friday Funny's..  :0)   

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