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Monday, March 1, 2010

I pretty much failed

at this 365 Photo challenge.. although I have taken the pictures, well most of them anyway- but really I have no time. Work is picking up which is AWESOME no complaints here!!  T and I have been sick, so that has slowed my ass down. My lovely Aunt Flow showed up yesterday(sorry I know you wanted to know that), pretty much caught me off gaurd although I expect it at the same time every month but I guess the fact that I have been so busy I was like Whoa where did you come from.. So I'm tired!!
Every weekend we have something going on and it will not slow down this month - I guess MARCH MADNESS is the word and is in full effect.  This weekend, we have a wedding to go to, as well as doing housework that we have been putting off, the following weekend John goes out of town, and then that next weekend is OUR ANNIVERSARY!  Not only our Anniversary but our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!  I'm pretty excited, we are headed to the dunes for basically the last weekend besides Easter.  Yes, you read that correctly we are going to the DUNES for our ONE year Anni. It was actually my suggestion, since I havent been since Thanksgiving. We are going as a family so I'm excited.  So yea pretty much the next month is going to be insane!!  I will get this caught up, but its going to be a awhile.. sorry.. ;/  Duty calls...

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