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Thursday, February 18, 2010

*Seriously if it's not ONE thing its ANOTHER

My camera could possibly be broken.. My good camera the one I had bought for John but pretty much took claim to it after T was born. Yea that one.. It was working fine and I took the funniest sillyest picture of T for yesterday's Wordless Wedensday post.. I went to take another picture and it made some obnoxious sound, like it rolled over and died or somthing. So I shut it down really quick, and now I can't get the fecker to turn back on. I'm seriously hoping when I get home today and turn it on it will magically start up and be fine.. Please pray. I really don't want to buy another camera and I really don't want to add to the ever ending list of new things we want/ need..  Its growing by the day it seems.. Ugh... Not to mention our big screen T.V. I think that thing is about to take a crap ola.. Its like if one thing goes electronically  they ALL go.. 
Lets see here,,  Starting with my laptop charger, the lap top itself is running like crap, then our T.V. - then John's really expensive computer the other night, now the camera.  WTF is going on!!!
I realize we want/need these items, like another T.V.,Our TV is getting pretty old like 12 yrs and up, a new cool upgraded laptop for me and a cool new camera (Nikon) to be exact, but all of these "things" are not on the we have to have them right now list!!  This sucks BALLS!!! 

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