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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Being Sick is Not Fun!

Runny noses, coughing er I mean Barking(thats what it sounds like) at least when I cough. Its horrible, sinus headaches, allergies, Poor T has a chest cold, poopies (T not me) and his poor butt is so red and raw :( and to top it off he has had a fever on and off for the past 2 days- today he had a fever when he woke up and I checked him again before getting ready to see if it was still high- it wasn't so he went off to daycare so I could come to lovely work, but his coughing and wheezing are horrible and he is back on breathing treatments with a stronger dose that the dr prescribed to me. Thank goodness.
I haven't been to the gym since Sat. and I hate that I havn't been; I feel like a fatty and yesterday from being home I felt like I was eating everything in sight!!  I guess thats a good thing I'm not a stay at home Mom. I would be like Overly obese.. j.k.   Maybe Aunt flo is on her way and thats why I was eating way more than normal- I pretty much have lost track..
So not to mention being sick, there is so so so much going on in the Trevino House- The weekends are filled, the days are filled. John and I are both on the go and if its not together than its separate.  I hate when life gets like this, I especially hate it now because of T- We should be at the point of slowing down and enjoying T and eachother.. Life is life, I guess and this is "Our" life.  I have a gizillion babyshowers, bridal showers and weddings coming up - its insane.   I have about 5 friends that just had there babies- so I have been wanting to see them and now with being sick i can't.   I did get to see my Nephew on Friday with T and T was so good with him, he went up to him and said baby and gave him a kiss on his head and then patted his head. Then he took off to go play with his cousins, but periodically would come back to make sure I was still there and say hi to the baby. 
I have some pictures to share, but the time factor is kicking my Butt!! 
I hope everyone is having a good week. :0) 

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Ann and Chris Armenta said...

Hope you feel better soon!!