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Saturday, January 2, 2010

SHOOT!!! The 365 Day Photo Challenge Photo 1

So I have already missed 2 days..  So let me catch up.. I really wanted to do this so I could look back on it.. How cool is it to be able to look back on an entire year worth of pictures I have taken, you can look at that picture and remember where you were when you took it or what you were doing. etc..  by the way it doesn't have to be something great, it can be a restuaraunt you ate at, a movie you saw, your kids, your cooking, ANYTHING, shoot even a license plate you happened to see and it made you laugh. GO FOR IT!!  Be Bold, be Fun, and take those pictures!!

So here we go.. and I challenge you to try it!!  Let me know if your going to - I would love to tag you on my sidebar for others to see and become inspired. My sidebar will feature my Pic of the day, I will change it once I take that picture and I'm able to post. So it could be in the morning, afternoon or night. :0)

Please also check this site out for details on how to get started.. 

Have fun!!!

Welp, Shit I didn't take any pics for the last two days!!  I honestly forgot about this until yesterday and figured I would take some pics today and welp, didn't!! 
Anyway - So I'm just going to Post this one. This is a pic I took when John and I got home from seeing Avatar and we had the 3D Glassed I saved mine and figured T would love em, since he always trys to take mine.   John put them on and he really didn't know what to think of them, hence the picture above.  I do love this photo though..

**Definitely Going to start this Challenge for reals tomorrow. Takein my Camera everywhere I go!!


Laura said...

Fun, love the picture of the day thing!

Jenny said...

Cute picture but the one I really love is the one in your header! This always seems like a fun challenge but I do the writing every day...I'm kind of a bad photographer.

Kristina said...

Hehe, such a funny picture!