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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eeeekk- I have some Posting to do...

*I am backed up- Way up!!  Sorry...
*I have all my pics for the 365 Challenge- starting from Friday
*I have some more goals to talk about
*I have T's Stats for his 18 Month.. I have to find a scanner to scan in his pics I had done, because Picture people changed there setting to were I can't even grab the pic with the watermark on it. Feckers.. Grrr..
**AND****    We changed our Insurance carrier back to my favorite - BCBS..and I could not be more happy and on cloud 9 right now. The switch won't take affect until March, but I can't wait~~I told the hubs its time to baby make, even though it was faster than I had wanted but with being on BCBS I feel so much more secure being with them so I told him we have to pop one out before March of 2011.. heehee.. (he said he'll get back to me on that)   ::awwww takes a deep breathe::  Side note: basically this means I need to be knocked up by June 2010..  I guess we will see... play things by ear..

So Yep I have been busy with work and trying to put closure to 2009 - Year end crap- taxes, payroll, files, banking etc..  Its been fun.. NOT!! The start of this year has been alittle less stressful than last year, but its still scary with this Shit economy.  Its looking up - so thats nice..

I will be posting more tonight, once I get to my camera.   :0) 

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