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Monday, September 14, 2009

#51 Try 5 new Restuaraunts

Yay. really I need to up this to like 20 or somethin. I'm on a roll. This past Sat. I went to RA Sushi Bar with a few friends. Its kinda funny because I'm the person who hates all seafood except shrimp and here I am eating sushi. Yes obviously not all sushi is raw fish. Which is GREAT for me. So ever since John and I went to Celsius sushi bar I have been having a twinge of cravings for more. So when the girls said they were going to RA I was all about it.
YUM. Mya and I split the Tempura Shrimp rolls and the Vegas Rolls. I also ordered Cucumber rolls and yea not a fan of those. Well I like cucumber but Seaweed is just ick..
I loved the Vegas rolls at Celsius but I didn't care to much for the ones at RA, I loved the Shrimp Tempura rolls at RA and hated the ones at Celsius -Weird, No?
So another restaurant I haven't been to and it was sushi yet again, but really good!!
Definitely recommend it.


PeasOut said...

I loooooove the Tempura Rolls at Ra! Its the Crunchy Shrimp Tempura Rolls, if anyone is thinking of ordering them!

Lisa said...

YAY for more sushi lovers : )

I actually dont really care for the shrimp tempura roll at RA, but love it almost everywhere else I like to get sushi. Yum Yum!

Jenni said...

Thats so funny that you dont like them at RA but like them at other places. and I liked them alot better than I did at Celcius.

Oh yes Mya your Right I need to go correct that.. :0)