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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Okay so this is kinda a random post - and it has to do with a HOT topic.. Vaccinating your kiddos..

some do and some don't and some delay - more power to you - its your kid..

Here is what I do - I vaccinate - I've been vaccinated, my dogs are vaccinated ,shit my ferrets were vaccinated.. everyone gets vaccinated.. When I was pregnant with Tristan there was no question that Tristan wouldn't be vaccinated. I was, why wouldn't he be? So when asked if I wanted the Hep B shot right after he was born - I said Yep - he also got the vitamin K - Normal right? It was "normal" to ME! Tristan was born and it was vaccination time and that's what we did- since then he's been on a schedule of vaccinations. He is now 13 months old and his last shots were at 12 months.. No problems..

Bring me to Now!! Sitting at home reading a COOKIES mag. while my lil dude was napping from a long day of being at the Dr's and getting blood drawn because he was running a high fever, throwing up, diarrhea etc. - his throat culture came back neg for strep.. Sooo
Oh yea I'm reading an article about Jenny McCarthy and her son Evan who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. Now she links his autism with too many shots (vaccines) given at once ..(over loading his body with to many) but there is no "scientific data" that suggests any vaccines including the MMR shot cause Autism.. and in my opinion.. I think autism is a gene deficiency.. but I'm no doctor, I have no clue and I only know what I read and what I choose to read up on..
My point here though is - at the end of this article it struck a nerve with me and suddenly put a halt to my vaccination schedule. Maybe?? Please read what I C&P from the article and to read the full article go here

McCarthy, who has aligned herself with a team of medical and biomedical
("alternative") doctors, believes that somewhere along the line, her son
sustained a single, or perhaps multiple, "vaccination injuries"—the result of
too many shots at once. She remembers that after Evan got his MMR shots at 14
months, he went from being "bubbly and smiley" to "meditative." Going over his
medical history now,
she sees a link between a series of ear infections, a
severe case of eczema, and a hepatitis-B booster shot. "Looking back, I'd say,
'God, if a kid is having more than seven ear infections in a year and he's got
eczema, there are some issues here—his immune system is obviously under attack,
and we need to put him in the sensitive category. Let's just delay some of his
shots,' " she says. "Not eliminate,

Well here I am taken back my eyes i think grew 3 times bigger and I had re read what was wrote oh I don't know like 5 times to really make it go through my head.. UM!!!!! Tristan has had chronic ear infections!! Ummm.. Tristan got his 1st MMr shot at 12 months and UM... Tristan NOW has eczema (the MMr shot has been linked to have a side effect of eczema after being administered along with other side effects) and his eczema is pretty severe and this only happened after he received this shot. WTF!!!!!

So for me - who strongly believes that kids should be vaccinated.. I am now questioning my self.. and for a person who chose my pediatrician based on so many of the same morals I have for my own kid as she does for my kid.. NOW I'm questioning them..

I'm not at all saying Tristan has autism, or if he was to get vaccinated again and again along with the MMr shot he suddenly would come down with Autism. What I am saying is it made me question all the vaccinations my child receives.. Infants- Toddlers receive up to 26 vaccinations (some of those are spread through out)up until they turn 2 and then receive an additional 6 up until they are 6 this is not including the new swine flu vaccine.. and does Not include the Hep B vaccine you give your newborn (which is optional at that time).. All of which Tristan has had except the swine flu- obviously. As I'm reading the "debacle" of the vaccinated vs. spread apart vaccinations debates.. It has me questioning my own beliefs.. CRAZY how one article and one thing you read can strike a cord and make you go further and investigate your own beliefs and morals.. (You got that right- as soon as I read that I opened my laptop and turned to my trusty little friend Mr. Google to help me research the vaccines given, autism, eczema and ear infections)

With all that said.. I'm still researching all this and making my own conclusions etc.. I will be speaking to my pediatrician about these vaccines especially the booster shots that include up to 3 vaccines for one shot -if anything I might space the rest of his vaccinations out. ( Iknow what these vaccines are and why they get them, I want to question spacing these out)He's pretty much had the gist of them. Its just to coincidental (chronic ear infections, eczema and his last shots at 12 months that sparked the severe eczema) for me to even imagine something bad happening to my little dude.. I do know Ear infections are hereditary not the infections themselves (but the genes that make up my sons ear are) I don't have great ears and neither does his dad, case in point neither does T... I have sensitive skin,, so does T.. These are the things that I passed on to my son.. YIPPY for him.. :0) I do know about eczema and the "other" environmental things that could be related to eczema - such as, detergents, soaps, etc, also food; wheat, eggs (all of which Tristan eats) because you guessed it - Me and his Dad eat that stuff.. So I have a lot of research on my plate. along with alot of questions.
I will be armed with these when I go into Tristan's next Dr's appt-
BOY- did that just rock my entire world or what.. Over one thing written.. Just NUTS to me..
or is it?

Go here to see all vaccines given and all the info you need on vaccinating your child:

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