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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Better late than never! right?

13 Months old!!! That's how old Baby T is - Actually Baby T really can't be called Baby T anymore.. Sad to say but my Little Baby, is no more.. (well I take that back - T will always be my little gooey baby, slobbery kisses and all). So He turned 13 months old on Aug. 9. I realize it is August 20- Whoops.. :(
So here is what my little "toddler" is up to these days:
Crawling at the speed of lightening
Eating everything and anything put in front of him EXCEPT MILK!! WTF!! Suggestions please on how to incorporate Milk into T's nutrition. This Kid will not drink Milk. Not D, Not 2% I wont give lower than that. I have tried Rice Milk, Soy Milk.. and whelp he doesn't want anything to do with it. what gives?
He is strictly sippy cup and actually even does really good out of regular cups. He hasn't figured out the straw/ sucking thing.

He is starting to get the fork and spoon thing, bringing things to his mouth with them. Just can;t figure out how to get food on said fork or spoon so after a few tries he gets frustrated, throws the fork or spoon across the kitchen and uses his 5 fingers to stuff his little chunky cheeks instead and is much more happy with this messy way of eating..

He is walking (with help) but John and I have tricked him a few times to get him going. He scares himself though and sits right down as soon as he realizes he's doing it by himself. Its kinda like when he was learning to crawl ~ if he only knew the things he could get into the faster he would be walking. bahahah so maybe I wont rush this part... :)

Speaking of walking he got some new shoes.. 2 pairs actually.. the first pair are actual walking shoes that give support and are the next step up from the prewalkers I had gotten him a few months ago. these have helped tremendously.. So instead of doing a separate post I will post it in this post.. :0)

His vocab has slowed down a bit and I think this is due to the fact that during the summer there wasn't a lot of kids at his daycare - well now they are all back so I'm hoping he'll get back on track. His vocab has a wide variety of words but they haven't expanded. I'm really not sure if that's normal and I try to keep in mind that every kiddo learns and grows differently.. :)

Other than that Tristan is awesome.. He is my lil man, my snuggle bug, love bug and the biggest cutie ever.. He's always got a smile for me, OH and speakin of smile. T has 8 teeth on the bottom, and 6 teeth on top.. His molars are starting to break through, and he seems to be doing fine with those..

He still LOVES trucks, He is definitely a Boys, boy!! Loves being outside with daddy, loves getting into the rocks, getting dirty and anything that has to do with water, he is all over it!!

So that is about it for him, I'm sure I am missing tons, but as I remember them I make note in his other baby book.

Oh and as you can see Lil Dude has learned that he can climb and crawl on top of these cool high up things and then screams and gets PISSED that he can't get back down!! Lovely- eh!!

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Lisa said...

Kaylee wont drink milk either...yu can try chocolate milk, or strawberry milk (kaylee wont drink those either). So I just try and make sure she is getting it other ways...yogurt, cheeses, ice cream : )etc. and I also give her a chewable calcuim/vit D supplement everyday, which you can do also when he gets a little bigger.