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Sunday, August 30, 2009

~TO- DO ~

I will get to these I swear.. Its just been a very hectic, crazy, sad, sickening week and this next week doesn't seem like its going to go any easier. BUT
Here is what I will be blogging about - shortly..

* Off the 101 n 1001 goals:
* The New food Recipe I made and it turned into 2 really yummy dishes..
* Tomorrow Aug 31- I'm FINALLY going to the SS office to get my last named changed!!
* I need to blog about the new restaurant we went to and we ate Sushi!! I DO NOT eat sushi..
*I've researched schools and options. and this is my plan, with changes I'm sure..

In General: I have about 4 baby showers I'm going to in Sept. HOLY COW!! Everyone and there mom is preggers.. I just found out 2 more of my friends are preggo.. don't pass it- I DON'T want it -

other than that.. Life is pretty busy.. I thought after my wedding was over I would be able to CHILL.. and YAY that just doesn't seem to be happening.. 5 months later and no relaxing in sight.. BLEH!!

Stay tuned though..

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