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Sunday, August 2, 2009

*I'm so Excited*

One of my Best girlfriends just got engaged today- Tara and I have been friends since middle school.. Man if I could find a pic of us back then I will have to find the closest scanner and upload that sucker.. Such fun times we used to have back then and even now. This is a "more" recent picture of us. I love this girl

As we got older though - I'm sad to say -we have sorda grown apart - more or less because She was a very independent person - was going to school and well I was with John - and well then we had a baby and then finally got married.. So Tara and I kinda grew apart in that sense- which sucks - I love Tara- always there and always someone you can count on.
but aside from all of that - I'm soooo happy for her.. She is finally with the most perfect guy for her - its like a match made in heaven and it took her a few spills and heartbreaks to get there but she has found him and he is definitly a keeper!!

Congrats to my Tara and R.T. - I can't wait to help with the wedding and all the planning that goes into it!!

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