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Thursday, August 6, 2009

#58- Re do Budget every 6 months

Okay so this is my first redo to the one I had previously did oh about 4 months ago.. but I figured I would get a head start.

I'm trying to find a good program to use but I have Yet to find one? Anyone have any ideas??
I use QB at work and well I understand there's a budgeting type software for QB but I really don;t care for it..
I want something easy, fast and simple.. I just want to be able to enter in all my items and cash flow and work it from there.. So Ideas Pleas??? I know some people do it on excel well lets just say me and excel don't get along to well!!! so no thank you on that one.

As far as budgeting now, I just keep a note book with all bills and fixed bills and dates to when they go out. This way I know where and how I need to budget - I'm able to see if there's 4 weeks or 5 weeks in my month and where my money is going. I even right down unexpected things I buy, like Starbucks or groceries that I didn't budget for and well that Ice cream I had to have.. :0)
So I redid it - As of next month I will have paid off one bill YA!!! and cancelled out our alarm stuff which will save us $42 bucks.. and the bill I pay off will save me $200 bucks..YA for more freedom.. Now I have to apply that saved money to other bills.. BLEH!! but the faster I get out of debt the better.. :0) and MORE vacations await us!! Next bill to go bye bye is my stupid Macy's Card!! weeee... My plan of attack is to have that paid within the next 2 months. I think its @ $400 last I checked.. So I will pay $100 in Sept and the next bill I will apply said savings of $240 to Macy's along with the $100 I normally send and that should be coput as of Nov 09..
That's 2 bills DOWN 3 to go. and those last 3 are kinda the bigger ones.. UGH!!

Anyway - this is some of budget in a nutshell.
I'm hoping to have more financial freedom as these bills get off my back. Which I'm excited about - but its a money game I have to play right now. Especially if something VERY un-expected happens, it puts a ripple into my plans for the budget.. but I seem to work it out and I do have a savings so that's somewhat of a cushion. Although I would rather it not be..
We shall see how the next 6 months go. 6 months might be to long for me to wait to be re doing my budget, but I will play it by ear..

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