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Saturday, June 27, 2009

~ We are talkin~

Yes Yes.. Tristan my eleven and half month old little monkey is a talkin little boy..
I will say this - he has been saying Momma, dadda, ishy, dato=dog, ball but Yesterday 06/25 while shopping in target he said "uh oh".. I think I was in shock and so surprised.. How amazing it to actually hear your son say his first actual words!! Let me tell you!! AMAZING!!

~Its so weird to think and well hear Tristan talking.. We now have to watch what we are saying around T, because it seems he is going to start picking up on what we are saying even faster than what we expected!!
So I must mark this day - no yesterday as the day that Tristan said his first "actual word"..
So exciting.. oh and he's cruising.. Geez in two weeks time - Tristan has pulled himself up, started cruising the couches, and tables, and now has said his first word.. Pretty crazy how fast they learn!!

OH and..... We gave T a new haircut.. totally not intentional. I cut T's hair and I have been getting pretty good with the clippers. Well since its Arizona and the heat is back up in the 100's + I figured lets take him a little shorter so I started out with 4, then went to 3, thennn went to 2. So i stopped at 2 cut his hairall around and then went to fade T's hair with a 1 in the back well his little squirmy self moved and I had the clippers on his head and "SHIT" it went to high.. so I asked John to help me fix it.. and well his way of fixing it was to just cut his entire head -

so I was left with this..

He's still my cutie patootie.. I was a little uneasy about it at first - but I've gotten used to it and for some reason I feel like it totally feels like it fits my little Mr. T..

so that's been my weekend so far and its only Sat.

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