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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

~9 Month Well Check Updated ~

Went great!! T did not have to get shots.. Whew thank goodness. His next shots will be at his 1 year..
Here is his stats:
Weight: 24lbs 14oz 96% up
Height: 30" 97% up When he got measured at the surgey center, seems they were WAY off..
Head Circ: 18" 60% up
His ears are still somewhat red and irritated - We have a recheck on the tubes tomorrow at the ear, nose and throat specialist.

He's advanced for his age - as he was showing off his skillz by talking and babbling away with the Dr. He says ball, dadda, mammmma, bubbba, He knows his name and will look when called, The Dr. Said she would prefer that he crawl first - so we will be working on that even more than we have been.
The only problem she came across which kinda bothers me - is his teeth.. On his top 2 teeth and the 3rd one coming in - it looks like he rubbed them raw and they are of different colors. NOT GOOD!! I have this on my two bottom teeth and they seem to think it is from antibiotics, So I'm hoping this is the case and if it is permanant, his baby teeth will fall out and his adult teeth won't have that.. Mine was not the case. I do not let him go to sleep with a bottle so I know its not bottle mouth - I'm kinda confused and really pondering what it could actually be. So I have to set up an appt with the Pediatric dentist.. Never in my life did I think I would be taking my child to a freakin dentist at 9 months old, but I guess I am.. So oh well!!
Like I said if its not one thing its another.. UGH!!
So here's some photo's from our fun day at the Pediatricians office..
and this was after.. Passed out!!! We also had to upgrade his car seat- He was getting way to big for his infant one- The thing is a little bit harder to get him in and out of but I feel better with him in this one than his other one.. It's definitely a safer seat..

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Lisa said...

They are acutally supposed to go to the dentist once they get their first tooth anyways, so dont feel bad about that. If you need a recc let me know, Kaylee goes to a great pedatric dentist...we love her. She is on 56th street and Bell.