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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One for the "History" Books!!!

President Barrack Obama!!! Inaugurated Jan 20, 2009!!! Wow what a day, what a day of events.. Just.. What a DAY!!!! I am absolutely so thrilled that I was able to witness our brand new President being sworn in - which happens to be a black man. That day will go down in the history books for sure!!
I am glad to say - it is time for some change and if this man can do it than I stand with him!! Especially now that I have my son.. My future and Tristan's future pretty much lie in this President's hands..

Watching President Barrack Obama speak gives me chills, not in a bad way though.. I feel as though he means exactly what he says and the power in his voice just gives me chills up and down my back!!

So 2009 - I hope will bring the change we need, it will be long and hard but, well worth it in the end.

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