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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hi.. Ho.. Back to work I go...

Yep- My 8 weeks of vacation, maternity leave is up!!! I go back to work tomorrow and hopefully with a smile on my face because I am NOT looking forward to returning.. Luckily though I get to take my little peanut with me (Tristan). Today I went into work and CLEANED the crap out of our office and showroom. It's EMACULATE!!! I left my house at 930 this morning and didnt get home until 3 pm!!! Yea that was like a full day of work.. but the fruits of my labor paid off and now I can return to a pretty clean office!!
My brothers better say THANK YOU!! Oh well if they dont but Whew.. I've never sweated my ass off soo much.. That was one good workout I will admit!!
I'm tired thats for sure and now my back and feet as well..
So like I said Hi HO.. off to work I go.. Wish me luck I can drag myself and Baby T outta bed and make it to work on time tomorrow!!! HA! I will let ya know on that part.

Hope everyone had a good weekend otherwise..

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