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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tristan is 1 month old today!!

Well if you go by the weekly count!! I guess technically it could be either way.. August 9th would be his one month as well..

So I took some pics- of him so we can go back and compare each month - He's already getting so big from being little bitty.. he's grown an inch and wieghs ALOT more.. not sure how much. I go in for his 1 month check up on Monday!! So I will update then . I need to upload them.. but I'm off to go take a nap while Tristan is stand by.. :0)


Amber and Brian said...

Happy one month bday Baby T!

Michelle said...

Wow one month! He's so big! It's crazy to see how fast they grow and how much they change and learn. Arielle is 4 months now and and has learned to roll from back to tummy and back again. It's crazy.