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Friday, August 1, 2008

So now that I'm home... I've been thinking

I'm going insane!!! we can back up again.. to when we actually got to come home with the baby.. Sat July 12th.. Weee.... we are heading home!! but then again I was sad to go.. WHY??
I don't know probably postpartum blues.. I was seriously sad to leave maybe it was more because I was scared that we were actually leaving the comforts of the hospital and that no more nurses would be around to poke and prod me and well help me with breast feeding Tristan or there to ask questions as soon as I had them.. Maybe it was the good company they had brought.. I mean all of my nurses that I had were awesome!! Especially two of them.. or the mere fact that WOW - Tristan is ours and he HAS to come home with us.. I think reality hit at that moment.. and so did the tears.. hahah

but I have been home with Tristan for three weeks and I seem to be adjusting greatly, but being home has lead me to rethink my life.. So after the first week, of being emotional and wanting John not to go back to work- I have come out of it. (somewhat) I still get a little emotional. But they say that's normal.. (I hope so)

so anyway - on to the part where I have begun to rethink my life and what I (Jenni) wants to do with it!!
For those that don't know me well enough - I have ALWAYS wanted to be a nurse (a labor and delivery, or post partum nurse) since I was little!! When I was little I called it a baby nurse haha.
So after being in the hospital with Tristan- my mind started rolling and I started getting that itch again..
Like I had said in my previous post - I stopped going to college to work for my family full time after my dad passed away.. I truthfully and hole heartily regret this decision.. when I was attending college - I really wasn't in the right frame of mind and was not into college so much.. this I regret as well.. but now.. I'm ready.. I really do feel like I'm ready to go back to college and pursue what makes me happy and what makes me tick.. I truly feel like I will be happy in the nursing Field... So I have made it my goal to start looking into going back to school.. But not to just community college.. I was thinking more of a school that specializes in just nursing programs.. I have looked into a few and I need to take that actual next step and get the info.. My goal is to start going back to school after my wedding in March of 09.. with a new baby and wedding coming up - I think going back to school would be way to much stuff on my plate for one to handle.. not to mention working.. So next year is when I will start!!! and I'm going to DO IT this time!! This is what I want to do- so I'm gonna do it!!

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Michelle said...

I wish you good luck Jenni! I think you'd be much happier doing something you love.

I recently had the same feeling and decided if I love photography, and party/wedding planning so much then why not go for it? I think mainly I was just scared that I couldn't succeed in it... but after about a month... I've had jobs like crazy. I have 4 invitation orders, 3 parties, and 1 photoshoot this month alone. And already scheduled a few more soon. So I am working really hard to get my website up so I can get more business.

Seriously it's the best decision I've made. I am so excited to see what else is in store for me and I am sure that by you going back to school it will put you somewhere where you really want to be.