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Friday, August 1, 2008

Birth Story- Let's Back up!!!

Lets back up alittle since I was gone from blogging for awhile.
Lets start with:  July 8th -
 I went into the gyno to get checked.. I'm 39 weeks pregnant at this point and VERY ready for this baby to come out.. I have been swelling the last few months and the last few checkups my blood pressure has been elevated.. Yea so I'm pretty much DONE!! I have explained this to the Dr. quite a few times.. So I went in and they checked me - NADA I haven't changed since the last check, so they decided to give me a folley catheter which is a balloon that gets put into your cervix to make you dilate.. (NOT a fun experience) but hey anything to get this labor started right??
WRONG!! I was also told that I would get a call from the hospital after midnight for a time I would need to get there to start the induction process.     Now I'm nervous

After that appt. I went home  and I began cramping pretty good - having some contractions and HOLY SHIT I was probably going to have a baby tomorrow.. Suddenly I got scared, anxious and EXCITED!!!
I tried getting some rest by laying on the couch and watching T.V. but it just seemed like my cramping was getting worse. I decided ok I can't laye here anymore and got up to get Mmy bags packed, baby's bag was packed, car seat was ready to go, and get ready for this phone call.. The nurse at my OB's never gave us an exact time, just that they would call sometime after midnight and to leave my phone on and be available.
John and I hung out did some last minute cleaning, phone calls and made sure we were both ready for the phone call. I think we headed to bed around 10. I finally passed out around 11- 1130 and woke up to
My cell phone going off - and I answer frantically and its the nurse from the hospital:

N. Hi is this Jenni?
J. Yes
N. This is so and so from the SHC - We wanted to let you know to go ahead and head down to the hospital.. How fast can get you get here?
J. umm (stuttering) uh like 45 min..
N. Great we will see ya then..
J.. Okay uh bye..

I hang up and think HOLY crap this is happening this wasn't a dream. I  looked at the clock thinking it was maybe 4-5 am.. Its 12:15. WOW I thought.. I need to get up and I just fell asleep.. Dang it!!
Oh Well., I got up - jumped in the shower and John got the dogs ready for our departure and loaded up the truck..

1245am~ We are on our way to the hospital.. Silence and radio was it for the car ride,  I think because we were both nervous and actually scared that this was actually going to happen!!!  I think we might have had two or three words come out of our mouth's.. but the rest of the drive - nothing..

1;15 am ~ we get there and they take me to Triage - a little room with a hospital bed and a little recliner for John to sit in.. Didn't look to comfy.. They made me change into my gown and hooked me up to all the monitors, they put the IV in to start my induction and on we go..
 1:30am  the pitocin is flowing.. So the nurse tells me you have awhile before you will be put into L&D - so try to get some sleep and rest up.. OKIE DOKIE!!!

 WE tried.. John fell asleep for a little while, but I could not.. I just kept thinking about the fact that this was happening, this was really happening. We are going to be parents!!  Pretty surreal.. The rest of the night/ early morning I tried getting rest, but was going nuts. The traige room was so small with no windows. 
 Noon.. They finally came in and told me I would be moved to L&D and that my Dr would be in to break my water to get things moving!!! YAY!!!

12;30pm I get moved to L&D -- Luggage and all. Wow what a difference  - I was beginning to feel like there was no light outside being in that little triage room..  Our birthing suite is pretty sweet! Its nice and big, has a fridge, nice T.V. DVD player for Movies a rocking chair and WINDOWS to the outside world..Much BETTER

   1245ish my Dr came in and broke my water, checked me and I had progressed to 4 cm.. WOOHOO things are moving right along. and with the Dr. breaking my water things should start moving faster.Or so we hoped

2-3pm My Dr came in to check me and I had dilated to a 5 cm..and she said we should be seeing a baby between 8 pm and midnight if I keep progressing!! WOOHOO making some progress and still feeling good no need for an epidural yet.. but man I'm hungry!! So John went and got me Lollipops,.. the only thing that I could actually have besides ice chips and water..

5:45pm~ Nurse comes in and checks me and I'm still 5 cm.. :( Not happy about this and well my contractions started getting more intense at this point my nurse asked if I would like my Epi.. I say Yes.. and the anesthesiologist comes in and gives me the best medicine EVER!!! Time to relax and hope this labor progresses.

Midnight~ (Wednesday) - They have been checking me and checking me and NOTHING No progress- no changes.. I am not very happy about this and I'm starting to get annoyed, I'm borderline exhausted.  At this point I was advised to try and get some sleep.. So I did..Well at least I tried. My Mom and my sister were still at the hospital hoping that T would make his appearance soon.

3-4 am~ I woke up to the worst pain I have ever felt in my life (my Epidural was wearing off) so with my breathing methods John and I had learned in our classes, John came over to me and said breath Jenni, I began to huff and puff.. and as John and my Mom watched my contraction sub side John asked if I was okay.. I said I can feel that.. and with that said another contraction came and once again John leaned into my face and said breath Jenni.. (I wanted to DIE) -- So I called the nurse.. and she came in and I told her what I was feeling - she checked my epi and and gave me another shot of it.. That was short lived as I was feeling every contraction maybe not to the intensity it was on the monitor but it was still insanely painful..
Maybe I have a low pain threshold - but whatever - you try having contractions!!
~thank goodness John was there and remembered our class of breathing because he walked me through each one.. :)
At this point - I'm DONE I have been in labor since 1:30 am Tuesday morning and it is now Wednesday morning and I still have not progressed - Tristan had dropped into my pelvis and was ready but when I was last checked at abt 4 am he had moved back up and I was still at 5 cm.

I don't like to say that I had given up - but in a sense I kinda had.. I was so exhausted and tired from being in labor- being up on the high of actually having a baby and him actually getting here - that my body just kinda shut down and told me no more..
So when the nurse came in she could see it in my face that I was done.. She asked what I wanted to do and I said I don't know- I just want him out.. she came back about 20 min later and said.. the Dr. wants to do a C-section - She's on her way here and your scheduled for 6 am..
 Thats when I actually felt like I had given up and I had failed!!!
I started crying quitely-

After that was said: the next hour is a whirlwind
5am everything moved soooooo fast - I cant even explain to you how fast it moved..I felt like I could have been in a dream.  I was given medicine for nausae, they gave me another shot of my epidural which made me super numb from my chest down and the shakes began..GOD I hate the shakes!!!  4 nurses came in and off I rolled to the OR.. they gave my family the run down and John his bunny suit.
Only John was allowed into the room .. So my Mom was asked to wait in our Postpartum room..

5:45am ~They rolled me into the OR and moved me onto the table - and well most of this is a blur. The only thing I remember was shaking so uncontrollably.. I hated it!! They kept saying its normal.. UGH!! I kept telling myself.. to STOP, JUST STOP and I couldn't!!
Finally they let John in and he looked so funny in his little bunny suit, hat and mask..I wish they would of taken a pic of just that.. too cute..
They gave him a seat to sit ny my head and he grabbed my hand. My Dr asked if I was okay and if I was ready to have this baby?   YES maam
(please do not take or steal my pictures, these are sololy mine)

-                                                        At 6:28 a.m. Tristan Marcus Trevino made his arrival into the world - Pretty exciting!! Welcome to the world Tristan, he weighed 7lbs 12oz and measured 21 in long.. So that's my birth story. Not quite the way I had imagined it or had wanted it to happen, but hey I have a beautiful baby boy and at this point that's all that counts!! My baby Tristan is my love bug and I actually can't believe he is here..
After 30 hours of labor, I looked and felt like I was ran over buy a frieght train! I was in the hospital longer than I had wanted to be. I ended up having a blood transfusion because I lost quite a bit of blood with my c-section and my iron levels were extremely low. I was poked so many times by so many different nurses. Two of the nurses blew two of my viens and finally they called an anestheseoloigist to put in a IV line. It was not a fun expierence AT ALL!!  I was pretty happy to head home Saturday morning after T's circumision.


Michelle said...

Wow that's a long labor. I am glad you're blogging again! I can't wait to meet Tristan. We should get him and Arielle together soon.

Jenni said...

Yes we should!! Are you going to the gtg on the 23rd???