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Monday, November 15, 2010

30 day challenge- Day 27, Day 28, Day 29

Wheeewww I am BEHIND!!!  Eeeekk

Day 27-Pets

We have three dogs.
Kane, Indy and Sox
They are all pains in my butt.. I love them though.. I can't imagine our household with out dogs.

We torture them for fun 

 Kane and Sox - They try to act like they aren't best buds but, I caught them!
 Miss Indy
She was born on July 4th (hence her name)  She is the most perfect dog ever!! 
Day 28-Something that stresses you out
Oh Lord..  this could be a long post..
I can't say everything stresses me out but, a lot of things do.
Family is my #1 stressor.. My family has pretty much fallen apart since my Dad passed away. My Dad was the rock that held everything together.
School stresses me out, in a good way I have to say.
Bills, Credit cards and money stress me out
My Kid stresses me out, not him, but the thought of being able to provide for him stresses me out.  I want the absolute best for him and I want to be able to provide the best possible future for him
having another baby has been added to this list.
I fear everyday about having a healthy pregnancy. I stress about not wanting to have another C-section.
I stress about not wanting to be stuck behind a desk the rest of my life.
See told you it would start to get long

Day 29-3 Wishes

I wish I could Win the lottery and give away more than half to charities, especially ones that involve kids and pets
I wish that my family wasn't so complicated.
I wish for a girl for baby #2

I'm caught up for the most part.  I still need to do the Ipod one.

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