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Saturday, January 9, 2010

**18 Months Old**

Can You??

So I have to say I am loving this age.. but I will also admit that I'm hating this age..
Lets start with why I love this age..
T is amazing, he is super smart, funny, cracks us up, is a boys; boy, loves being outside, loves his daddy like its going out of style, loves me too(probably more) hahah, loves his puppy's (our 3 dogs) and definitely shows them the love, loves dirt, trucks and anything that he can get his pudgy little hands on- er Mouth..
He is a ball of fun and I love it.Watching him learn new things everyday is awesome.  I think my favorite time with him is when John comes home and T hears the garage open or the gate open and he SCREAMS and runs for the door saying DADDYYYYYY... So cute.. and then of course the first 5-10 minutes is spent with John throwing his football to T and T trying his hardest to throw it back only to make it an inch in front of him or playing with his trucks on the floor.. I love watching them!!     I also love going to get him at daycare and seeing his face light up once he see's me, the wet slobbery kisses he loves to give, the hugs he gives by wrapping his scrawny lil arms around your neck and sqeezing,  the mishief he finds himself in - I mean I find him in, his sweet little face in the morning when he cuddles, the laughing attacks we give him when we tickle him in the right spots and that smile that could make the room melt.    ::sigh:::  He is definitely growing up quickly, I have a love /hate relationship with this..

As far as why I'm hating this age-  well lets see  - we are entering the terrible Two's People and I will be lucky if I have any hair left on my head by the time we leave that stage..  and really I wonder why I want a 2nd kid?  haha
You ready for this,  
He whines, cries, whines, throws, hits, temper tantrums like they were going out of style, bites, pulls hair, throws himself on the floor  and screams,  becomes easily frustrated, extremely in patient, whines- oh did I mention that already! Sorry thats pretty much all I hear anymore, hits the dogs, sits and jumps on the dogs, throws his food,  trys to eat the dogs food, throws there bowls,  gets in my closet and takes all of my shoes out, gets in the toilets(GROSS), when outside goes for the dog poop before I can get to it with the pooper scooper,  listens on his terms, but really the things I hate most are the temper tantrams(meltdowns), I can't stand the whining and I always tell him, if your going to continue we are going to go buy you a TuTu, he just looks at me.. Blankly. hahah 
The thing that gets me and I'm sure this is true with everyone,, is he only does this with US, when he is at daycare yes he hits, bites, etc but she says he doesn't whine, throw fits etc.. ugh...  Same thing when he is with John's Dad or even my Mom. They think he's an angel and I'm an idiot.. HA if they only knew!!
So thats that..
I have to take T in for his Well Check- sometime this week. I haven't made that appt. We actually have to play catch up, because I didn't do the 15 month well check or shots.. but that was planned.. so he will get those and not the 18 month ones.
Other than that- T is great, learning and sucking everything in.  He says a handful of words, but i thought he would be talking more by now. I kinda threw out the book of what he "should" be doing. T has been doing things at his own pace and on his own time, so why compare and stress?? Its a waste.. So out the books went..
Lets see he says:
Puppy, Fishy, Thank you, Daddy, Mommy, vacum, broom, jew(juice), baby, shew(shoes), ook(book), I know he says more, i just can't think of them. hmmm I guess I should be more on top of that..

He eats a variety of foods which is awesome. We were at a picky stage for about 2 weeks or so..but I figured out what was going on and stopped it. and back to normal it went.
He still will not drink Milk, so we subsitute, with yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese etc. I try to trick him sometimes but he takes 2-3 sips and gets what I'm tryin to do..
We are getting him a BIG BOY Seat.. Ahemm Potty Chair Thrown.. We arn't going to do much with it right now until he starts talking more, and can tell me when he has to potty, but I have been reading up on potty training and they suggest just having it there for there liesure. When they are able to see it and be around it they become used to it and hopefully when the full on training starts they won't be scared of it. So thats the plan..
So I will have a follow up post to this one- in the next week or so when I take him in for his well check, as well as his 18 month Photo's   :0)
Happy 18 Months Old Kiddo..

Not a Great Pic, T was mighty cranky today and this was the best I could get.. Bleh.. (do you see his BF right by his side) OH yea!!  :0) 

1 comment:

Jaye said...

Oh little T-man!

I wouldn't drink milk when I was a kid either Jenni. I got my calcium through other dairy but would never touch plain milk! Chocolate milk worked though :)