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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

*18 Month Update**

Just to back up a little, if not for my own mind..

T went to the Pedia on Friday Last week. Well Check time..
He weighs 24lbs 6 oz funny he now he is only in the 35% tile where as before he was in the 97%tile and up  and is 34in tall for his height though he remains at 97% tile up..  He lost 2lbs from the last time we were in. She wasn't concerned, neither am I. 
She was alittle concerned with his speech, so she wanted to us to go check out a speech therapist- that must of scrared T because the next day he was popping out words faster than I could right them down.
He's at about 25 words and 2-3 word sentences, like You do it, I'm here, Hello You, Baby Eyes, Go Bye Bye.

We also went and got his pics done, but Picture People changed up there website, It used to be where you could grab the pic with there watermark, which was fine. Well Now you can't..  grrrr.. so I can't share any of them. and we don't have a scanner at home.  Thank goodness my Membership is almost done with them.. :0)
So that is about it on T.. Oh he also got his 2 shots- and I spaced out his Hep Shot until next time. 

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